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Why won't the "left" thank JFK for preventing nuclear war?

The world owes President John F Kennedy, who was slain by the US military-industrial complex on 22 November 1963, an unrepayable debt of gratitude for stopping not once, but three times, the unthinkable horror of global nuclear war. He also prevented an invasion of Cuba, and did what he could to prevent the Vietnam War. Those unfamilar with JFK's achievements and plans, which were thwarted by his murder, must see Oliver Stone's JFK.

The real story of JFK runs counter to the peer-maintained wisdom of many a proud bearer of the label 'left wing'. According to the culture in such circles, no-one of principle and decency could reach the positions of power and influence attained by John F Kennedy and his younger brother Bobby (Robert). They must therefore have been corrupt, the thinking goes. Anyone who reaches such political heights could only have done so through unprincipled deals. Anyone capable of making the necessary deals could not possibly be a force for good once they had won high office, the theory suggests.

Whilst this is certainly true of most who rise in pubic office, it seems there really are exceptions to this, and that John F Kennedy was clearly one of those exceptions.

The rise to high office of a person like JFK gives ordinary people reason to hope that they might still regain control of their destiny. If Kennedy or his younger brother had lived, the power of the greedy elite in control of America would almost certainly have been broken. America would now be a much fairer society and much of the world would have been at peace since then as most of the wars, particularly those caused by the US elites in the past five decades, would have been avoided.

To deny this and to deny the Kennedys' essential good intentions, as so many fashionable "bleeding hearts", have done since JFK's death only serves the wealthy and greedy elites such people claim to oppose. Those of the 'left', who, in effect, conceal the truth of the US military-industrial complex's role in Kennedy's murder (against which even Kennedy's predecessor, Eisenhower, warned) only help maintain its consolidation of power and its ability to do harm.

As Charles Drago wrote:

Anyone with reasonable access to the JFK evidence who does not conclude that conspirators killed the president is cognitively impaired and/or complicit in the crime.(see The Anti-James Douglass Appears[1] of 14 Feb 2009)


1. Linked article was previously at, where a 'google' search of "anti-James Douglass" will still find it as well as this article. James Douglass is the author of the towering JFK and the unspeakable -Why he died and why it matters of 2008- JS, 19 Jan 11

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