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nuclear war

The US proxy war on China via North Korea

Since 1945 the Korean people have been at war. Shortly after the establishment by anti-Japanese resistance fighters of the Korean People's Republic that was to become the government of North Korea, in Seoul, the US has been at war with North Korea both technically and in reality. The most bloody chapter in that war was the three year war between 1950 and 1953. In this war, approximately 20% of the population of North Korea perished in fighting under aerial bombardment, through biological warfare and flooding. Many hundreds of thousands of their allies in the South also perished at the hands of the American occupiers and their south Korean puppets. The Korean Peninsula was divided up between the United States and Russia after the defeat of the Japanese. Under President Roosevelt the arrangement might have been temporary, but President Truman's cold war politics furthered the desires of military-industrial-complex's ambition to enforce capitalism on the whole world and the Korean War was a part of this.

1983: Robert Bowman, Nena oppose nuclear war threat

99 Red Balloons & Robert Bowman's talk embedded within this article.
In 1984, the hit song 99 Red Balloons, the English language version of 99LuftBallons released in 1983 by the German band Nena, expressed the dread of nuclear war, the outbreak of which many believed to be imminent. As explained by retired United States Air Force Lieutenant-Colonel Robert M. Bowman (1934-2013) who, at the same time, during the years of the Reagan Presidency, started campaigning against the Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI aka "Star Wars"), the fears expressed in 99 Red Balloons were well founded.

Oliver Stone shows the debt we owe to JFK and FDR

Much of the truth and significance of the presidencies of FDR and JFK has been buried by mainstream and supposedly progressive and left newsmedia. In 1991, Oliver Stone began to rectify this when when he released the film JFK. JFK was based on the book On the Trail of the Assassins by the Attorney of the District of New Orleans Jim Garrison (1921-1992).

In spite of the efforts to bury the truth, Oliver Stone has persisted with his priceless work. The latest is his TV documentary and accompanying book The Untold History of the United States of 2012.

The Lesson That Pearl Harbor Should Teach Us----Seven Decades After The Japanese Attack And We Still Don't Get It

Once again, we come upon another poignant anniversary. December 7, the day that the Japanese Imperial Navy attacked Pearl Harbor some 70 years ago. Like 9/11, it is traditionallly marked as a significant historical event. But I believe that it is significant for entirely different reasons than what we have been given. On December 7, 1941, the Japanese government undertook a desperate gamble. The questions we need to ask are several. What made them desperate? What would make nations desperate today? What do desperate nations and desperate people do when they reach desperation? And what do we do when these desperate nations and people are armed with nuclear weapons?

Why won't the "left" thank JFK for preventing nuclear war?

The world owes President John F Kennedy, who was slain by the US military-industrial complex on 22 November 1963, an unrepayable debt of gratitude for stopping not once, but three times, the unthinkable horror of global nuclear war. He also prevented an invasion of Cuba, and did what he could to prevent the Vietnam War. Those unfamilar with JFK's achievements and plans, which were thwarted by his murder, must see Oliver Stone's JFK.

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