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An Australian animal carer's week

Denise McLean, an Australian animal carer writes about local council indifference to the effects of car collisions and dog attacks on kangaroos and her concerns about the government's positions on live export. (1 July 2011)

Huge dog problems

Huge dog problems in my neighbourhood, local council are useless. (I don't think they will be happy until every last kangaroo in our area is either killed by a car or mauled to death by a dog). Anyway, had to take measures into my own hands, kept a watch each night and over the course of 1 week, I caught 3 dogs roaming onto my property. One of my released grey kangaroos hadn't been home for 3 days and I was so worried about him but I think he must have gone further away to get away from the dogs. Good news, he has come home and hasn't left for the past 4 days.

Brain injured joey

My little whiptail joey (1.2 kgs) - I have raised him from eyes closed pinkie of 270 grams - is having problems. He had a brain injury and wasn't sending the right signals to his legs so he couldn't stand up. After many weeks of physio and exercise, I am happy to say he is hopping. 2 days ago however, he had a big tumble and has broken a bone near his foot. Really hard trying to keep him off his feet so he can recover. The vet doesn't want to splint it as a bandage on his leg may hinder his brain signals to his foot if it is compromised, so this makes his recovery just a little more difficult.

I had a bad fall a few weeks ago and have torn tendons in my shoulder. Have been in absolute agony but with everything that has been happening, I haven't been able to rest my shoulder so it is not getting any better. My partner has been absolutely great but as you all probably know, men aren't the best nurturers.

Enough of my problems, in the scheme of the world, they are pretty insignificant.

Live exports

Live Exports - Am very concerned regarding the propaganda the cattle people are sending out. It is changing peoples opinions. My mother in law has changed her mind regarding the live trade. After hearing stories that the cattle are starving at the ports, she told me yesterday that it would be better for them to be sent to Indonesia (I finished her sentence with "to be tortured"). I am afraid this is the general feeling out there amongst the general public.

Does anyone have further information regarding a rumour that the Indonesians not requiring our cattle after 2014 as they should be producing enough of their own cattle? If this is indeed true, then the Australian cattle exporters must have a contingency plan, otherwise they would have to stop breeding now for the live export in 2014. So why can't they fast-track this alternative plan? Or is this just more propaganda floating around.

Nick Xenophon

We all must stay diligent regarding this issue. I have heard Nick Xenophon speaking on this issue numerous times and he seems like he genuinely feels disgust at the Australians who have let this atrocity take place for 18 years. Lets hope he can be a loud voice for this cause.