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animal carer diary

How I became a wildlife carer

Six years ago, when we moved here, my partner found a joey on our property. I was absolutely thrilled when the rescuer asked me if I would like to learn how to care for him. (Denise McLean continues her contributions to candobetter's wildlife carer's diary.)

Wildlife caring and a pinkie joey called Raini (270 grams)

Animal carer, Denise McLean, talks about how she became a wildlife carer, and her night and day-shift nurse routine taking care of Raini, a very young baby kangaroo, and other macropod charges. Raini the pinkie joey's mother was a car accident victim. Raini was found in his dead mother's pouch by a woman as she was shifting the mother off the road. Fortunately for him, the woman called an animal rescue line.

An Australian animal carer's week

Denise McClean, an Australian animal carer writes about local council indifference to the effects of car collisions and dog attacks on kangaroos and her concerns about the government's positions on live export. (1 July 2011.)

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