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Syrian patriots debate supporters of terrorist war against Syria

Embedded broadcast was originally published as What is the future for Syria? Truthloader LIVE debate. See also: Turks slam Ankara's support for terrorist groups in Syria of 19 May 2013 on PressTV. Israeli peace activist tells the truth about Israel
Three Syrian supporters of the Syrian Government debate three Syrian supporters of the terrorist insurrection in the embedded broadcast.

Those not familiar with the Syrian conflict will have to pay close attention in order to gain much from this discussion. The debate is somewhat tiresome due to the evasions, repetition and circular logic of the supporters of the insurrection. In spite of this, I think that their opponents, particularly the Syrian Girl, won the debate quite definitively.

Written on-line debate enables truth to be found more easily

Whilst verbal debate has great value, I still think it is easier to find where the truth lies from written online debate. However, in my experience, supporters of such causes as that of the terrorists fighting against the Syrian people and their government instinctively know that evidence and logic are against them and so will be even less willing to participate in written forum discussions than they are to participate in verbal discussions.

Those seeking the truth from written sources therefore should try to find opposing written views, compare the evidence and form their own judgement. Examples of opposed written online views of the Syrian conflict are, on the one hand on Global Research and, on the other hand, the lying Mainstream Media

Difficulties faced by Syrian Government

In fighting to defend their people, the Syrian Government will unavoidably cause the deaths and injury of Syrian human shields used by the terrorists and the destruction of Syrian homes in which the terrorists hide. In addition, the Government will inevitably make mistakes that will cause yet more destruction and cost more Syrians their lives.

This has been used by the mainstream media.

Whilst the loss of lives and the destruction made necessary by the terrorist war will inevitably be used against the Syrian Government by the lying mainstream media and inevitable mistakes made by the Syrian Government in prosecuting the war will compound the problem, it would be a still greater mistake on the part of the Syrian government and armed forces to fight with any less ferocity and determination against the terrorists for fear of making such mistakes.

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From PressTV, 23 May 2013

The daughter of Qatari ruler Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani has censured Doha’s support for the terrorists in Syria.

In a message she posted on Twitter, Sheikha Hind bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani stated that the backing of the terrorists was a ‘scandal in the history of Qatar.’

She also denounced the atrocities committed by the terrorists and said the armed groups had committed crimes against the Syrian people - an apparent reference to a gruesome video recently published on the Internet. (Film should only be viewed by minors in the presence of responsible adults.)

The video shows a cannibal terrorist in Syria cutting an organ of a Syrian soldier out of his chest and biting into it.

The Qatari princess also slammed the intervention of terrorists from Saudi Arabia in Syria and their ‘execution of Syrian citizens.’

Turmoil has gripped Syria since March 2011, and many people, including large numbers of Syrian security forces, have been killed in the unrest.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said on May 18 that terrorist from 29 different countries were fighting against the government in different parts of the country.

In January, Prince Turki al-Faisal, former Saudi spy chief, called for sending heavy weaponry to the terrorists in Syria.

Editorial comment: I have replaced any occurrence of the word 'militant' with the word 'terrorist' in this article, which happens also to be consistent with the practice of the Syrian Arab News Agency. Many ostensibly progressive groups willingly use the term 'militant' in their own name because of its positive connotations in the English language. I consider that referring to the killers who are waging war against the Syrian people and their government as 'militants' is somewhat an error on the part of those who translate these reports into English.

See also: PressTV film of Syrian Army prisoners being shot in cold blood by their captors. (Film should only be viewed by minors in the presence of responsible adults.) It is followed by an interview with Franklin Lamb.

The Lebanese al-Manar TV broadcast is embedded here on Global Research and below.

The full transcript can be found here on the Syrian Arab News Agency web-site.

It's notable how this 'corrupt' 'dictator', unlike his international adversaries, including Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr, insists that any deal arrived at at the proposed peace conference, be put to the Syrian people in a referendum:

Al-Manar: Let’s talk, Mr. President, about the conditions put by the Syrian leadership. What are Syria’s conditions?

President Assad: Simply put, our only condition is that anything agreed upon in any meeting inside or outside the country, including the conference, is subject to the approval of the Syrian people through a popular referendum. This is the only condition. Anything else doesn’t have any value. That is why we are comfortable with going to the conference. We have no complexes. Either side can propose anything, but nothing can be implemented without the approval of the Syrian people. And as long as we are the legitimate representatives of the people, we have nothing to fear.