Robert F. Kennedy Junior

This page, and pages linked to from this page, contains discussion on both Facebook and Twitter on the campaign by Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Junior to win the nomination to be the Democratic Party candidate for the November 2024 Presidential elections. In spite of hostility from the Democratic Party National Committee, the corporate newsmedia and even other members of the Kennedy clan, RFK Junior is continuing to win ever greater support from members of the Democratic Party, other Americans not registered as Democrats and even Republicans. Given the harm caused by the United States' military and spy agencies in previous times and today, in Korea, Vietnam, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Latin America, Africa, Germany (with the bombing of Nordstream), the rest of Europe, the far east and America itself and given the threat of a United-States-initiated nuclear war hanging over all of us, having a United States President who is just as opposed to the United States' war machine as were RFK (his father) and JFK (his uncle), is of vital interest to all humankind. Another urgent reason why we need RFK Junior to be successful in his campaign to become President, is his outspoken support for Julian Assange, which stands in stark contrast to Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and even members of the Bring Julian Assange Home Parliamentary Support Group from who I have heard nothing in recent weeks as Assange stands on the verge of of being extradited the the US. To these pages, I will copy discussions which are now occurring on Facebook about RFK Junior's grass-roots campaign. This will serve two purposes: (1) to provide a better and more navigable structure to the discussion and (2) as a safeguard against any possible future choice by the owners of Facebook to censor this discussion. of course, visitors' comments, whether in agreement or otherwise, are just as welcome here as they are on Facebook.