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Join Melbourne Vigil for Peace in Syria, Friday 14 March - 7pm

Join hundreds of others at Fed Square to shine a light of hope for the people of Syria.

Where: Main Stage, Federation Square, Corner Swanston and Flinders Sts, Melbourne
When: Friday 15 March, 7pm - 8.30pm
More info:, Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), Syria News, the Syrian Girl Partisan's YouTube channel, Global Research, PressTV, Russia Today,

From Fox News video (6/9/2013) of 'rebels', armed
by the United States, Saudi Arabia & Qatar, killing
unarmed Syrians

The conflict in Syria has become the worst humanitarian crisis1 of our time. Friday 15 March 2014 marks the third anniversary of the crisis, three years of failure by the international community to end the appalling suffering. The Syrian people cannot wait any longer.

In 2014, with more than 100,000 people killed in the conflict (including 11,000 children) and a million children living as refugees, now is the time to call on our leaders to do all they can to make sure the people of Syria do not lose another year to bloodshed and suffering.

This event is hosted by Save the Children, Oxfam, World Vision, Amnesty International, Act For Peace, CARE and Caritas to highlight the plight of children in Syria and to encourage people to campaign for a peaceful resolution to this devastating conflict.

Guest speakers and a short visual presentation will be followed by a candlelight vigil.


1. The estimated death toll since March 2011 is 130,000 Syrians killed. As terrible as this is, the death toll from the Iraqi conflict since 1990 has been far worse. Iraq was attacked and bombed in 1991 and invaded in 2003, after which a sectarian civil war was deliberately fomented by the occupiers. Sanctions, which were imposed upon Iraq from 1990, even denied medicine to sick Iraqi children and food to starving Iraqi children. As a result of these criminal actions by the United States and its "Coalition of the Willing" allies, including Australia, 1.3 million Iraqis sought refuge in Syria, according to Wikipedia. Had the Syrian Army, with the support of the Syrian people and Syria's allies, not fought so effectively against the terrorist mercenary invaders, the Syrian toll would be much higher. If Syria had been defeated, it would now be suffering sectarian killings and the the death toll would have been much closer to that suffered by Iraq. This toll is estimated to be at least many hundreds of thousands. One estimate puts the death toll as high as 3.3 million.

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Syria's healthcare system has crushed down to highly concerning levels with unheard diseases getting epidemic, doctors running away, and medicine shortage so dire that people get unconscious for medical treatments with metal bars.

"Across Syria, 60 percent of hospitals and 38 percent of primary health facilities have been damaged or destroyed, and production of drugs has fallen by 70 percent. Nearly half of Syria's doctors have fled the country.
See more at:

Other side of war; Horrible report of health condition in Syria

Children not just dying from violent means but from diseases that would previously either have been treatable or prevented.

Children having limbs amputated because clinics don't have necessary equipment for appropriate treatment

  • Newborn babies dying in their incubators during power cuts
  • Patients being knocked out with metal bars owing to a lack of anesthesia
  • Patients undergoing potentially deadly person-to-person blood transfusions

According to recent estimates, more than 120,000 people had been killed through the end of 2013 and more than six million have either been displaced within Syria or driven out of the country. On average, children are sick for a staggering 10 days out of each month. A doctor says that there is widespread bedwetting in the camp among children as old as 15 – to him, a symptom of deep psychological trauma.

Doctors use false names, even with each other. Carrying medical equipment is a risk and getting caught with a stethoscope at a checkpoint could mean death or detention. An increasing number of Syrian doctors are being killed or tortured as the war grinds on between President Bashar al-Assad — who was once an ophthalmologist in England — and rebels seeking to overthrow his regime.

Doctors risk murder and torture for treating the wounded in Syria’s civil war

Syria has descended from a secular society that received asylum seekers, to a cesspool of human misery, rebellion, and crimes against humanity. There seems to be axis where the evils of our globe settle, to cause festering of pain, and death. When children are caught up in the fire, it's particularly poignant and disturbing. What's more important than ever is world peace. The life-boats are full, and there's no room for conflict without loss of homes, tranquillity, sovereignties, security and lives.

I see that Save the Children, Oxfam, World Vision, Amnesty International, Act For Peace, CARE and Caritas are going to supply speakers. Let's hope that these organisations are not going to present yet another western version of events there, like we hear every night on the news. Will they highlight how Syria looked after a huge population prior to western interference with tribes and will they acknowledge that it is Australia, the USA's and other 'allies' interference in politics thru illegal wars in the Middle East that is causing most of the asylum seekers that try to make it to Australia?

I share your concerns about all the listed supposedly humanitarian organisations, particularly "Amnesty International" (Amnesty).

In 2011 Amnesty supported the illegal invasion of Libya3 in which at least 30,00 died and another 50,000 were wounded. That year it added its support to the war against the Syrian people when it it "organised a demonstration last year, outside the London Syrian Embassy, with CAABU (Council for Arab British Understanding) calling for the overthrow of the sovereign Syrian government"1.

In 1991, Amnesty demonstrated that it was a mouthpiece for imperialist propaganda, rather than a human right organisation, when it endorsed the war against Iraq, falsely claiming that invading4 Iraqi soldiers had thrown babies from incubators and left them to die.2

The best way to prevent Amnesty and other phony human rights organisations from using this vigil to harm the people of Syria is for those who genuinely want peace and who support Syria's right to self-determination, to attend the vigil tonight at 7pm at Fed Square in Melbourne.


1. Amnesty International: Imperialist Tool (24/10/2012) by Francis. A Boyle and Amnesty International: Imperialist Tool (8/8/2014) by Felicity Arbathnot on Global Research.

2. CTE Kuwaiti baby incubator lies (26/8/2010) by Barry Zwicker on YouTube.

3. See Amnesty International Killing Syrians (22/6/2014) on the Syrian Girl Partisan's YouTube Channel, Amnesty International, Avaaz helping to kill Syrians (23/6/2010) here on .

4. After Kuwaiti oil companies began 'slant-drilling' under the border into Iraqi oil-fields, Saddam Hussein, the then dictator of Iraq, was set up by April Glaspie, the then US ambassador to Kuwait. Glaspie led him to believe that the United States would not respond if Iraq retaliated militarily against Kuwait for this theft of its oil.

Actually, the best way to help was not to go to that vigil. The big AID organisations are so obviously linked to the US NATO coalition that they are only going to make things worse in Syria. See "Politics of international aid and Syria", which contains a video-interview.