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Oksana Boyko interviews former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser

Malcom Fraser was Minister of the Army from 1966 until 1971 as Australia was participating in the war against Vietnam.

He became Prime Minister of Australia as a result of the CIA's coup against the Whitlam Labor Government in 1975 as described in Chapter 40 of The CIA – a forgotten history1 (1986) by William Blum. Christopher Boyce about which the movie The Falcon and the Snowman3 (1985) was made, observed CIA interference in Australian politics at the same time.

As Prime Minister of Australia from 1975 until 1983 Malcolm Fraser acted as would be expected of a leader who had thus risen to power: He supported corporate interests and enacted anti-union legislation, including the infamous Sections 45D and 45E of the Trade Practices Act2. On the international front he continued to support the United States and its allies in wars against popular revolutions.

However, in more recent years, Malcolm Fraser, in contrast to his record as Prime Minister, has spoken out in support of forces resisting imperialist aggression. In September 2013, contrary to what was being said by the mainstream newsmedia, the Government and the 'Labor' Opposition,5 he publicly opposed the proxy war by the United States and its allies against the people of Syria.

On 20 March Malcolm Fraser spoke, in a 29 minute interview with Russia Today journalist Oksana Boyko in support of Russia and against the illegitimate extreme right-wing government of Ukraine.4 The interview is embedded below.


1. This book has since been revised and republished as Killing hope : U.S. military and CIA interventions since World War II (2004).

2. For decades until 2013 when the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) effectively picketed workplaces in defiance of this and other anti-union legislation, much of the trade union movement was emasculated by these laws. In 1998, Patricks' Stevedores, with the connivance of then Prime Minister John Howard, sacked its workforce and employed mercenary strikebreakers. The MUA was unable to take industrial action against Patricks without breaking those laws. Only a strong nationwide community campaign by families and supporters of the stevedores and seamen and a secondary boycott by the New Zealand Seafarers' Union (now part of the Maritime Union of New Zealand saved the Maritime Union.

3. This movie was based on the 1979 book of the same name.

4. See also: Pro-War and Pro-Empire: Media's Reporting on Ukraine as Terrible as It Was on Iraq, "Freedom of Speech in Ukraine": Neo-Nazi Svoboda Party MP Threatens Head of Ukraine National TV, PressTV - More Ukrainian cities call for secession vote, John Kerry has a Tactic, Not a Policy, Crisis in Ukraine: Russia Extends its Control over the Black Sea and Strategic Waterways, Land Destroyer: Media War: The Battle for Crimea, Obama Declares a National Emergency: Crimea Self-Determination Constitutes a "Threat To US National Security", Ukraine's Neo-Nazis. Stepan Bandera and the Legacy of World War II, 95.7% of Crimeans Give The Finger To The White House Tyrant -- Paul Craig Roberts, US refuses to recognize Crimean referendum, conducts 'policy of double standards', Putin told Obama that referendum in Crimea fully complies with int'l law, UN Charter - Kremlin, 95.6% of voters in Sevastopol supported Crimea’s accession to Russia, President Putin's Address to Russian Duma Parliament over Crimea.

5. An exception is the former Labor Deputy Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, who expressed his support for the people of Syria at a Hands off Syria Gala Dinner on 20 April 2013. See Contendor for Australian Labor Party leadership defends Syria against US-sponsored terrorism.