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Sweden - censored on speaking out about immigration

The term ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ was coined in 1973 after a bank robbery and hostage situation caused hostages to bond with their captors and helped them fight off those who were there to rescue them. Ironically, there is a new brand of the syndrome in the country where it originated – Sweden. Only, it doesn’t involve a few hostages and hostage-takers.

The Australian Immigration Department has been left behind by other federal government operations in its monitoring of Australia's social media chatter.

Immigration was accused of ''spying on citizens'' and monitoring online political dissent after an internet row with a pro-asylum seeker activist last week, allegations the department denies.

Could we end up being gagged about immigration, as in Sweden?

People are complying with the destructive culture to avoid punitive action being taken against them. They are being held hostage not by empathy and sympathy, but by political correctness and laws against free speech.

In total, 115,845 immigrants arrived in Sweden in 2013, many from Syria and Somalia. The figure is the highest Sweden has ever had in a one-year period. The Swedish Parliament and Government aim to have a migration policy that protects the right to asylum, facilitates freedom of movement across borders within the framework of regulated immigration, and promotes needs-based labour immigration.

Citizens of the EU/EEA and Switzerland are entitled to live and work in Sweden without acquiring a work or residence permit.

Schools, law enforcement, jobs/unemployment, welfare and healthcare are being impacted by a heavily disproportionate number of immigrants causing problems and rising costs. It will mean the destruction of the welfare system in Sweden if this goes on. It's come to the point where the police refuse to respond to calls from certain areas, areas which incidentally happens to be filled with immigrants.

As a refugee you don't have to prove anything. This gives you the right to free healthcare, an apartment and free benefits for as long as you wish for and you don’t even have to learn how to speak the language. Nobody’s flooding Africa with Non-Africans and giving them free health care, affirmative action and special privileges.

(Paraphrase of the film)
When President Obama visited Sweden last year, he expressed admiration for the "Swedish model". This should make Americans, and the Western world too, nervous. A UN report says that in about 15 years, Sweden will be a third world nation, below Libya and Bulgaria. Swedes believe their country is "racing into the future" but critics warn that it's "racing to the bottom".

Sweden has been a laboratory of social experiments. They believe they are building a perfect society. They have been compared to other countries that have tried to build perfect societies, such as North Korea and the Soviet Union. If you don't like the way it's being done, you won't be shot like in North Korea, but your life could become very unpleasant very quickly.

A journalist visited the home of a professor who thought he made anonymous comments about immigration. Left wing hackers helped the newspapers track him down, and others like him. He was then exposed to the whole nation as being "racist". Another man, a manager was fired for views critical of immigration.

A cornerstone of their society is "multiculturalism". They have mass immigration from some of the poorest and most backward nations on Earth. Swedes who disagree with this plan, you are labelled "racist", "fascist" or even "Nazi". You must be "friendly" towards foreigners, and immigration. Once you are "proven" to be hostile to immigration, you are out of the game!

It doesn't matter that the model is failing, crime is increasing and standards in schools are plummeting. Jews are living in fear in some areas, and some migrants are fearful, but Swedes are supposed to learn from immigrants, not the other way around!

Assimilation is completely out of the question! "Assimilation" is a Nazi word in Sweden. Many Swedes have their opinions stifled in fear of being called a "racist". You could lose your job, no career, you might lose your family, There was a new newspaper to cover these issues, but Swedes were too intimated to have the newspaper "Despatch International" delivered to their homes. What if the neighbours saw it? They could think your were a racist, or hate Muslims! "Despatch International" now hangs on through donations.

Sweden has become a nation in which some newspapers are too dangerous to read. Parents warn their children not to participate in public discussions, not to express "radical" ideas about this or that, because they are afraid it will harm them. You can't solve problems because you can't mention the problems!

Sweden was a good, rich country, but while it won't become a third world country overnight, there's a risk that it will!


In 2012, the World Economic Forum ranked Sweden as the fourth-most competitive country in the world. There is an image of Sweden as tolerant and liberal and a nation that take freedoms seriously, and appreciates the importance of liberty.

“In Denmark as in Sweden, says social editor Kaj Schueler, “it is sometimes argued that there are only certain things that should be said, thought, and debated when it comes to topics like feminism, Islam, immigrants, cultural differences, crime, and multiculturalism. If you do not take a politically correct stance on these questions, it is said, you are excluded from the media.”

The Death of Free Speech in Sweden

The right to express and receive thoughts, opinions and feelings is an important right. And it is also important that it has been enshrined in Sweden’s constitution.

Sweden has long had a law against ‘objectionable or offensive behaviour’ ( ‘förargelseväckande beteende’). This law, which still exists today, was applied to anti-Semitic propagandists before the hets mot folksgrupp.

Hate speech in Sweden is now defined as speech that publicly and intentionally threatens or expresses disrespect or contempt for ethnic or other such groups by alluding to race, colour, national origin, ethnic origin, creed or sexual orientation.
Hate-speech laws, wherever they exist, are invariably justified in the name of protecting people. But what this means is that the state begins regulating peoples’ everyday verbal interactions.

Assar Lindbeck has been Sweden’s most influential economist during the post-war era, and is often referred to as “The Nestor of Economics in Sweden”. Lindbeck was a leading member of the Nobel Prize committee 1969-1994. Assar Lindbeck points out that it is “clear” that Sweden cannot have open borders, since the welfare state cannot afford the strain of unlimited immigration. asylum seekers are ill-equipped for life in the high-tech Swedish society. Employment statistics show that over 60 percent of the new arrivals and their relatives have a very “rudimentary education”, which means that many of them are actual or practical illiterates.

Two women in their thirties accused Assange of rape and sexual molestation during a high profile visit he made to Stockholm in 2010 – at the height of his website’s revelations of US military attacks on civilians in Iraq. The WikiLeaks founder has long argued that the Swedish investigation is politically motivated and backed by Washington as a way to speed his eventual extradition to the U.S., where he says he would be tried for publishing thousands of classified U.S. government documents - using "rape" as a smokescreen similarly in the way they use "racism" for any criticism of immigration!

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It seems likely that this high immigration program is the tip of a sword which will be followed by watering down of industrial protections, government obligations to citizens, privatisation of community wealth to corporations, national debt and then shock doctrine. Look at the effects, not the values expressed. Where unpopular policies survive in a democracy it is because they are fostered by focused beneficiaries and the costs are diffuse among the wider community. The multiculturalist policies have the effect of inspiring individuals with shame when they disagree with the apparently kindly attitudes they embody. The silence that follows impedes the society from organising to defend itself.

Mark Twain said that history may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme. The term "Stockholm Syndrome" is new, but the phenomenon is old. It can be seen in people who are beholden to and love a vengeful god. People who Stalin sent to the Gulags cried when he died. They were those who supported the Nazi's, naming those who disagreed with the regime (there were even Jews who rounded up other Jews for the camps). The book 1984 describes the Stockholm Syndrome, when Winston learned to love Big Brother. It was written in 1948, but Orwell clearly knew what it was

Now we have a repeat of the oppressive medieval religion, along with the associated Stockholm Syndrome and fanatical toadies. The state religion, (Political Correctness) exists for our salvation, to defeat sin and evil (racism and bigotry) and has toadies and intellectuals/priests to support it (Academics). Anyone who opposes must be wrong, and if they can't see they are wrong, they therefore innately evil heretics (bigots) who haven't overcome the original sin of the previous transgression transferred to them by birth (white privilege) and should be despatched with to save them (becoming "one raw"). Like inquisitors of old, they make a living supporting the cathedral. The words are different, but the pattern is the same old, same old. They say they are Progressive, but in reality they are almost carbon copies of religious fanatics from hundreds of years ago.


Mr Geert Wilders 6th April 2014
Party for Freedom OPEN LETTER
The Hague Netherlands

Dear Sir,

I write on behalf of members and supporters following media reports of your intention for involvement in the formation of a so named Liberty Alliance Freedom Party to engage the political process and for activities in Australia.

Our concern, with due respect, is that such a direction by yourself is an interference in the sovereign political affairs of Australians, a situation that will actually produce a dilution and diversion from our forces presently battling the current holders of the State Power here, and whose Globalist dogma is giving rise to the undermining and potential for virtual collapse of our European derived civilisation.

You would not be expected to be aware of AFP, an Australian Peoples Movement with a lineage of some 70 years, albeit with ebbs and flows, but firmly committed to our Australian way of life and against the forces of Globalisation.

It is accepted that much of the agenda you are fighting against in your own country would be akin to the Globalising Agenda pursued by the current regime here, but nevertheless our Australia First Party is already in struggle against the same which threaten the demise of our unique Australian heritage, values and civilisation.

I realise that you may have been encouraged by interaction from some Australians on your recent visit here, likely genuine people in the main, but nevertheless political reality is needed to undertake the path to achieve success.

Our experience with many such genuine people is an inability to withdraw psychologically from adherence to the “system” that threatens our existence, and generally there is no real understanding of political theory - that being the impetus to cause supporters to accept no compromise to sacrifice, struggle and fight for change, particularly when Australia now faces that foretold by earlier generations as the likely closing epoch for our civilisation in the elites planned “Asian Century”. Reactionism, and respectability aims, accompanied by the simplistic belief that one can vote a way out from our decline, is well past use by date for Australia.

In addition you should be aware of a particular trait that surfaces amongst some, known in Australia colloquially as “cultural cringing”, a practice of seeking advancement on the coat tails of outsiders, often being evidence of insufficient belief in the capacity for one’s own endeavours.

The political theory of AFP comprises biology - our beloved European Peoples and the heritage, values, culture and identity therefrom; ecology - our sacred native soil which provides our natural based outlook, and life sustaining resources; economics - being community, free enterprise National Self Sufficiency with Steady State objectives.

The AFP is considered an enigma and feared to expand by the traitor class of Globalising elites, as our success will ensure their dispossession in reclaiming of our National Sovereignty and heritage in the Australian Commonwealth. AFP is therefore generally subject to a media and systems blackout, and or denigration to attempt to restrict our progress. But we are building.

Part of the ploy of distraction from AFP by the existing state forces is the encouragement of a plethora of simplistic dead end type political parties as a means to deflect and dissipate our Australianist appeal, and it is likely movers for a freedom party will already be subject to such influence even if undetected at present

I therefore call on you to review your position relative to our concerns, and to desist from involvement in causing dilution of the forces available to our Australian Peoples Movement in the struggle to achieve goals of common interests.

We would be pleased to hear further from you, and assuring you of our best intentions.

Yours faithfully,

Bob Beavers
State Organiser

Melbourne Branch P. O. Box 223, Croydon, 3136 ausfirst [ AT ] National Contact Line - 02 8587 0014

New Swedish Law Criminalizes Anti-immigration Internet Speech:

As if the witch hunt against any questioning the nation's open borders wasn't draconian and extreme enough, there are new laws now! Those who dare express those views, even on the Internet, can now be more easily prosecuted under a new law taking full effect after Christmas.
The new Law makes it easier to prosecute those who offend immigrants or those in power. They will make it easier for public prosecutors and the police to intervene. The crime of ‘insult’ will be prosecuted — but only for giving offense to immigrants, LGBTQ persons or authorities ... [under a] common insult to the public prosecution.
Swedes who disagree with that plan to import large number of immigrants from third world countries risk being labeled racist, fascist, even Nazi. “Immigration is the starting point and the finishing point. It's the most important point to prove you're friendly toward foreigners, you're friendly toward immigration," Danish journalist Mikael Jalving, author of the book Absolut Sweden, said.
Sweden’s criminal code prohibits the expression of ‘disrespect’ towards favoured minority groups. The law carries a penalty of up to four years of imprisonment. It requires no evidence of incitement to violence and lacks any objective standard for identifying ‘disrespect.’
And only Muslims and non-Westerners are free to criticize what they dislike, while attacking Jews is allowed too. Sweden is clearly one of the most hopeless countries around and can only lose their status as a leading democratic nation.
"Hate" is whatever the Swedish thought police say it is — at the particular moment in question.

The New American: New Swedish law criminalizes anti-immigration internet speech

This is really sad.I see the possibility of the Swedish language being largely lost. I can imagine that in this climate, it would be politically incorrect to expect immigrants to learn Swedish and that a more "useful" language, English will be preferred. I know that English is widely spoken as a 2nd language in Sweden, anyway. Perhaps this trend will begin in schools, with many lessons carried out in English to reduce the disadvantage of non Swedish speaking immigrants.Then the children of the school will have a common language -English. This will become the language they use at school. When they get home, (whether they be Swedish or Swahili speaking homes) they will feel as do many children of immigrants, not inclined to speak in their mother tongue but to only respond to it. After a couple of generations the Swedish language could be gone as the everyday language in Sweden.
A friend's sister, an Australian as a 19 year old married a Swedish man about 30 years ago. They have been living and raised their 3 children in Stockholm all this time. She speaks Swedish with ease and has integrated into the society, rarely returning to Australia. But she was alone and a relative rarity and so naturally the country stamped itself on her rather than vice versa.

If you ever wondered how it could come to be, that the majestic examples of civilisation that we revere today, the Acropolis, Ancient Rome, could just end up being abandoned, all the knowledge, advancement just cast aside, well, I'm very certain we are witnessing the very same thing happening now.

It is a point that can't be made often enough. It is PRECISELY this kind of action and suppression which breed extremism.

No people, ever, accept their own demise without a fight. But if you don't let them oppose their demise through legitimate means, you leave it to illegitimate means, by those willing to carry them out. If Swedes are going to be chastised for every minor opinion, then why not go all out? If you're going to get called racist and lose your job, for simply not supporting immigration, then why not just go 'full racist'? If the government is going to treat the hardcore far right activist and the moderate as equal, then why not throw your lot in with those who are most motivated?

As Gerald Celente says, "When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose - they lose it".

Sweden Democrat Party politician Michael Hess of Karlskrona was sentenced May 8, 2014 to a fine for hate speech after having connected the religion of Islam with rape. The judgement was made on the basis that it doesn't matter if what he says is true or factual or not. Facts aren't allowed to get in the way of opinions in Sweden

Hess wrote next to an article in Aftonbladet, which was about women who were raped in Tahrir Square in Cairo.

Hess, who has lived in the Middle East for eleven years, argued that the comment is a fact that it's deeply ingrained in Islamic culture to rape and mistreat those women who do not abide by the teachings of Islam. He wanted to initiate a debate and persuade journalists to examine the phenomenon more deeply. Studies show that that men with ancestry from Muslim countries are very much overrepresented in Swedish rape statistics.

Hess was fined 32,000 krona ($4,900 US) for “hate speech”. On a personal level, this would be the same as criminal complaining about being "persecuted" or "defamed" for revealing or commenting on their crimes?

See Swedish Politician Fined for ‘Hate Speech’ Against Islam at .

Anonymous wrote:

Hess, who has lived in the Middle East for eleven years, argued that the comment is a fact that it's deeply ingrained in Islamic culture to rape and mistreat those women who do not abide by the teachings of Islam.

I would be interested which countries Hess lived in. Anyone, who is properly informed about the conflicts in the Middle East, not from the lying mainstream and phony alternate media, but from the pages of dissident websites such as Global Research, Voltaire Net, Paul Craig Roberts, CanDoBetter, etc., would know that not all Islamic societies are alike. Some, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar are ruled by reactionary dictators and contain some of the worst dregs of humanity.

Other Islamic countries, such as Syria, have been beacons of civilisation and human compassion for decades. As an example, every Syrian citizen is entitled to free education right up to the tertiary level. All Syrians enjoy free medical care and many other free government services. There is no way that crimes against women, such as rape would not be punished in Syria.

Sadly, the New World Order has decided that Syria is an obstacle to its plans to enslave the the people of the Middle East. As a consequence, since March 2011, Syria has had to fight a proxy invasion, by many of the very dregs of the Islamic world to which Michael Hess has objected. Those terrorist proxies have been armed and supplied by the United States and its allies including France and Saudi Arabia. This proxy invasion has so far cost the lives of 160,00 Syrians.

Sweden is, itself, complicit in this war against Syria. See, for example, the Global Research article Sweden's Involvement in Syria: Democracy Promotion Ending in Terror and Expulsion (14/5/2014).

Seemingly paradoxically, whilst the Swedish elites are complicit in these crimes against the Islamic people of Syria, they are also pursuing policies that avowed "bleeding heart" liberals depict as kind and compassionate — to grant citizenship to hundreds of thousands of people from distant countries, including Syria. As Vivienne Ortega's article above shows, this mass immigration and related social experimentation is destroying the living standards and social cohesion of ordinary Swedes.

Michael Hess should have been more clear when he said he had lived in the Middle East for 11 years, but probably would have been reluctant to do so. Not all countries in the Middle East are dominated by Islam, or theocracy: These countries are Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi, Yemen, Mauritania, Qatar, Indonesia, Maldives and Nigeria (regional).

Sharia law is an Islamic legal system which provides an Islamic alternative to secular models of governance. Women in societies governed by sharia typically have few fewer rights than women in the West.

Although Islam is often associated with the Arab world and the Middle East, fewer than 15% of Muslims are Arab. At present, about one-fourth of the world’s population is Muslim. The Africa continent has the highest Muslim population as compared to the other regions of the world.

Syria is a country where Sharia law plays a minor role, and is mostly limited to families. However, after 11 years in the Middle East, Michael Hess would not have any trouble seeing and hearing first hand the misogyny relating directly to Islam.

The Swedish Government is so desperate for newly arrived Muslim immigrants to be motivated enough to look for work, they will continue to pay them the same benefits they are getting for not working, in addition to the income they will get if they find a job.
Sweden is corrupt and clearly their government is supporting Islam, and the terror against women by gagging anyone who speaks out! Is prosecuting rapists prohibited in Sweden as “hate talk”? Julian Assange’s “rape” in Sweden was no more than a scam to catch a fugitive from the USA for whistle-blowing. Their gagging of open debate and discussion on non-Western immigration is about turning their country into a third-world nation - with lower living standards and wages. Without freedom of speech, there can be no democracy.

It won’t be long until freedom of speech will be a thing of the past in Germany as well. The country is in the hands of left-wing fascists who are clearly being bribed by muslim organizations.

The police can no longer patrol the neighbourhoods. Jews are increasingly under attack by the muslims, so they are fleeing Sweden. Once the welfare system is broken due to costly and dysfunctional immigration, there will be a great multitude of willing and cheap workers, and the economic benefits of third world employers.

Whilst I agree that it seems that Sweden is muzzling democratic speech, I would criticise the comment from Anonymous "No democracy if the public are gagged" on its failure to provide evidence for a number of assertions, which, without evidence must be taken as beliefs. Examples are, "Left-wing fascists bribed by muslim organisations", "Jews increasingly under attack by muslim organisations fleeing Sweden". Without strong evidence it looks needlessly inflammatory, without wanting to disregard the evident emotions and probable sincerity of Anonymous.

It is easy however to criticise the failure to accord the right of Swedish citizens to decide on how many immigrants they are willing to absorb. That is clearly not being allowed. If the government has to repress reaction so severely it looks like there is a serious problem attached to high or obvious rates of muslim migration. I also wonder if we are talking classical worker immigration here or are we talking asylum seekers or refugees or family reunion? Also, what are the terms of permanent immigration in Sweden. Does permanent mean 3 months to a year as it does in many other European contexts (quite different from Australian definition?)

It's hard to get documentation if there is a PC wall preventing the distribution of information, and the public are gagged. Last September, Sweden became the only European Union country to offer permanent residence to Syrians fleeing their devastated homeland. Now, strained by its own generosity, it is losing patience with what is calls a lack of solidarity from its European EU brethren. Immigration has spiked this year, and the country's migration experts expect 59,000 people to seek asylum there, with 23,000 of them seen coming from Syria.
The influx of asylum seekers strains authorities tasked with providing education, child care and other support. One major challenge is securing housing for asylum seekers as Sweden faces a housing shortage.
Among 44 industrialised nations, Sweden ranked fourth in the number of asylum seekers and second relative to its population, according to U.N. figures.
The population of Sweden saw the biggest annual increase in 70 years last year thanks largely to the arrival of new immigrants.
The recent rise in anti-Semitic activity in Sweden originates largely from the Arab and Muslim communities. Here, many immigrants have backgrounds that are directly linked to the Israeli-Arab conflict and hail from countries where classic anti-Semitism is commonly accepted.