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Complaint re ABC handling of Tony Abbott's insults and unsubstantiated allegations against Vladimir Putin

UPDATE 24 Nov: We have just published an apology from the ABC regarding this complaint, here: where they have apologised for their misinformation.David Macilwain again complains to the ABC about their uncritical recycling of propaganda about the MH17 aircraft downing. He also expresses his disgust at the posturings of Tony Abbott with regard to the G20 and Vladimir Putin, based on this propaganda.

Dear 7.30 and ABC current affairs presenters,

I have sent the email below to ABC complaints, and copy it here for your information:

I am seriously disturbed by the handling of Tony Abbott's outrageous insults and allegations against Vladimir Putin today, by 7.30 reporter/presenters.

According to the transcript, Leigh Sales said:

...'since the shooting down of Malaysian flight MH17 over Ukraine by pro-Russian militia'....

Subsequently Sabra Lane repeated this in her own words:

...'after Malaysian flight MH17 was shot down by Russian-backed rebels over Ukraine'...

This allegation, presented as unchallenged fact by both presenters, is not merely only an allegation, but one which is entirely false. There is no evidence whatsoever to support the claim MH17 was brought down by a BUK missile, even one somehow fired mistakenly by separatists. At the same time there is ample evidence from multiple sources that MH17 was shot down by a Ukrainian fighter plane, with or without Western collusion.

Compounding Abbott's mendacity, and sheer idiot bravado in seeking to confront Putin, is the fact that all government leaders and intelligence agencies involved in the Ukraine conflict are aware of the truth - it is simply not possible that they could not be.

If the ABC is capable of asking itself a question and not taking the answer from other Western media sources or 'Coalition' governments, it should ask why we have not seen the US satellite data from Eastern Ukraine, that Russia has been demanding since July? We know it exists, and it would demonstrate conclusively the nature of the projectile that brought down MH17. What possible motive could the US have for not releasing it?

It is to be hoped that before Putin graces Australia with his presence, someone with more sense than our punch-drunk PM will have a little word in Abbott’s ear; the truth about the atrocity in Ukraine WILL come out, and he will need to be thinking about all the lies that he has told about our actions in Ukraine before they catch up with him.
The ABC would be as well to do the same.

(To shed some light on what actually happened on July 17th, a most comprehensive investigation and report was produced by a group of Russian engineers recently, covering both the technical details of all possible munitions responsible, and the wider implications and political context. Their conclusion is one now accepted by most impartial observers, and merely awaits confirmation pending release of US satellite data and information from the Kiev control tower seized by Ukrainian secret service on July 17th.)

While the possible involvement of Western agencies in downing MH17 is an atrocity of unbelievable proportion, the clear ‘innocence’ of separatist forces in this crime is what concerns us here - our behaviour and sanctions policy towards Russia being based on a presumption of their guilt.

Please download the 28 page report from this site.

with regards, David Macilwain,

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Recently, German Left Party parliamentarian Alexander Neu said that “Germany Has No Evidence of Who Shot Down MH17, Sanctions Russia Anyways”.

He accused the Dutch Safety Board of using the German media to unanimously blame Russia, either by directly doing so or by accusing them of supporting the fighters in the east of Ukraine... and it was on this basis that sanctions were leveled against Russia – the first round of them. And now the German government has confirmed that it does not know who shot down the Boeing. This is astounding, because it means the first round of sanctions was enacted on the basis of speculation.

Alexander Neu found it very interesting that two weeks after the plane went down, suddenly there was a lull, both in the Western media and by Western governments.

The territory where the plane’s debris fell was hit many times by mass shelling by Ukrainian artillery. So finding any new evidence is pretty unlikely now; almost everything there has been destroyed. Also, why have the conversations between the pilots and the dispatchers still not been released?

German MP has no evidence of who shot down the MH17