Malaysian Mainstream Media: MH17 was downed by a Military Aircraft, "Cannon Fire from Fighter Jet"

Article republished from (7/8/14, New Straits Times) and Malaysian Mainstream Media: (7/8/14, Global Research).

Since 26 July it has been known that Malaysian airlines Flight MH17 was shot down by Ukrainian air force figher jets and not by a surface-to-air missile launched by anti-Kiev-regime rebels on the ground. German commercial passenger airline pilot closely examined photos of the wreckage on the ground and found exit and entry holes on both sides of the flight cabin holes that could only have been made by projectiles such as are fired by the 30 millimetre cannon with which Ukrainian Sukhoi 25 (Su 25) fighter planes are armed. At least one SU 25 was observed near MH17 by Russian radar. Witnesses on the ground saw two Sukhoi 15 fighters near MH17, whilst the Kiev regime has denied that any of its fighters were in the area.

The following report was by the New Straits Times,  Malaysia's MSM newspaper, quoting previously published articles by Global Research pertaining to the downing of MH17.

This constitutes an important development.

It breaks the official consensus to the effect that Russia was behind the downing of the aircraft.  The Malaysian MSM has presented a viewpoint which goes against that upheld by the Obama Administration

About the Malaysian Airlines MH17 tragedy

Australian mainstream newsmedia 'reporting' of the MH17 tragedy.

29 July 2014: Barely 3 weeks after the destruction of Malaysian Flight MH17 at 13:15 (UTC), 14:15 (WEST) or 15:15 (EUST) according to , the mainstream newsmedia and a number of Australian political leaders including Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, Queensland Premier Campbell Newman, have seemingly forgotten how they condemned the East-Ukrainian rebels whom they claimed with certainty had killed the 298 passengers and crew of MH17 with a Buk surface-to-air missile.