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Video: Syrian TV talks to Oz Prof Tim Anderson re Australia, Syria, US et al

Australian Politics Professor Tim Anderson recently wrote a book entitled, The Dirty war on Syria. In the embedded video, he describes the alarming ignorance of Australians generally about why the West is so down on Syria. This is a fascinating, humane and intelligent interview with Syrian TV. Among the many subjects covered are how the Australian media treats Anderson, how he became interested in the war in Syria, interpreting the propaganda war against Syria, and the future of Syria.


Previously published (3/5/16) on Breitbart

According to the Archbishop of Aleppo, when Westerners open their doors to Syrian refugees, it hurts, rather than helps, their cause. The solution lies not in welcoming more refugees, but in helping resolve the situation back home so they will not need to leave.

Archbishop Jean-Clement Jeanbart said he is “not happy” with the news that Canada has welcomed about 25,000 Syrian refugees in the past few months, despite its good intentions.
“We’re not happy when we see the Canadian government moving refugees and facilitating their integration. It hurts us. A lot,” he said.

Jeanbart, who has served as Melkite archbishop of Aleppo since 1995, stated that his real wish is to see the Syrian population, especially the Christians, stay in Syria.

The migration crisis is gutting Syria of its native population, particularly its Christians. “More than half of the city’s population left over the last four or five years,” Jeanbart said.

“It’s a glimpse of the hardships happening back home. To understand the tragedy that struck our city, we have to look at its story, what it was in the past. The city is 8,000 years old. It gave civilization to the world,” he said.

Jeanbart said the Canadian government should devote more time and energy to helping the Syrian population stay in Syria, and less to figuring out what to do with Syrian migrants.
“It has to help them stay where they are, to have the bare necessities, but also to find peace. And to get it over with these rebels, these terrorists, and drive both sides to talk. To find a political solution,” he said.

Jeanbart’s words echoed those of his counterpart from the Chaldean church in Aleppo, Bishop Antoine Audo, who reported recently that in only five years of conflict and persecution, the Christian population in Syria has been reduced by two-thirds, from 1.5 million to only 500,000 today.

Bishop Audo said that the situation in Aleppo is even worse than in the rest of Syria, with only a quarter of the Christian population remaining since the beginning of Syria’s civil war in 2011.
Devastated by the fighting and persecuted by Islamic extremists, the number of Christians in Aleppo has fallen from 160,000 to just 40,000. Most of the Christians population lives in areas controlled by the government.

Audo also said that Aleppo’s three cathedrals have been almost completely destroyed, and that the local population lives under constant fear and hardship.

“You cannot imagine the dangers that we face every day,” he said.

In February, Pope Francis and Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill released a historic joint statement in which they denounced the emptying of the Middle East of Christians in the very cradle of the Christian faith, at the hands of Islamic radicals who have driven them from their homes.

They said:

It is with pain that we call to mind the situation in Syria, Iraq and other countries of the Middle East, and the massive exodus of Christians from the land in which our faith was first disseminated and in which they have lived since the time of the Apostles, together with other religious communities.

In the home of the Islamic State, Christians have been killed by the thousands, and millions of others have been displaced.

[ello ed, if you read it quick you might avoid wetting your pants]

The never ending push for refugee and immigrant dumping into our society from the political caste, misguided altruists and similiar, all who evidence a lack of respect for Australian heritage, is increasingly being rejected by fairdinkum Australians.

Understanding of the status for genuine refugees, against third worlders seeking a free ride to a better standard of living, is part of this outlook.

The difference between a real refugee and an illegal immigrant:
A refugee is someone who under intense persecution flees to a neighbouring country.
An illegal immigrant is someone who enters a country without a permit, in order to live a better lifestyle.

Any person escaping persecution who flees to a neighbouring country can be a refugee, and it is the neighbouring country that is responsible for support pending resettlement back home; and assistance to enable return of refugees is legitimate, but if they continue their journey into or bypass other countries, seeking something they consider is a better place to live, then they are just freeloading illegal immigrants.

Media flunkeys emotional labelling of same as “asylum seekers” is a ploy that now fools no one, and so called Australians whining for altruism for such aliens to be brought to Australia, even on sectarian grounds, whilst masses of Aussies are homeless, living with appalling poverty and unemployment, and subject to the drug scourge, beggars belief.

This folly of misguided altruism aids the decline of the National Faith. It also contributes to the Globalisation agenda for undermining of our national identity and culture as a European derived civilisation. A people lacking the organic community bond inherent to a cultural identity are just flotsum and no real opposition to the money changers intent for their Asian graveyard.

It is not the responsibility of Australians, that incessant breeding to overpopulation, internal conflicts, and overuse of available resources is leading to a stampede from Third World countries.

The swarms now being encouraged to line up, and the lot in the detention centres, are free rider opportunists, encouraged by misguided altruists and attracted by Australia's standard of living. Such opportunists seem incapable of or not prepared to struggle to improve their own countries living standards.

Australia does not have the infrastructure, or sustainability to cover such dumping. Combined with plague level immigration to feed the money changers exponential growth pox system, the effect to our Aussie way of life, culture, and identity is for serious decline to a low grade society.

Repeated studies completely disprove the myth that population increases from migration or refugee dumping improves community wide economic wellbeing, but is in fact a disasterous drain on resources available to meet the ongoing requirements of our own people. The myth is a duping by money changing exploiters and their connected vested interests.

Australia First says charity begins at home.

Population plague driven exponental growth capitalism is past use by date for Australia!
And to the misguided altruists :-
"There's nothing more dangerous than a shallow-thinking compassionate person." G Hardin

The Australia First Party will end the fake refugee/immigration rackets – no ifs, no buts - ALL WILL BE CLOSED DOWN, and our resources redirected to Australians in need.
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It took about 200,000 years for modern humans to reach 1 billion people, by 1840. Populations globally have exploded in recent decades, and it's unsustainable. Now there are refugees living permanently in refugee camps! It's human overflow and will inevitably cause more "refugees" fleeing drought, poverty, conflict and third world hardships. The migration crisis can't continue, to spread the problems. There must be a re-defining of what a "refugee" is and it shouldn't be rewarded by the "free ride" of welfare and residency. The UN need to be doing more to address what causes refugees to flee their homelands, and mitigate them. Refugee centres should be close to the conflicts, or in regional settings, not spread to the West. The UN are more intent on breaking down borders than actually addressing the refugee crisis.
According to the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, by 1993 the average refugee crisis was lasting for nine years (pdf). A decade later, that had risen to 17 years. Long-term refugee life is becoming a new type of humanitarian phenomenon, driven by complex crises such as those in Syria, Yemen and Ethiopia.
We are witnessing not only one generation of young people born in the camp and growing up in exile, but now their children. Malthus wrote over 200 years ago to point out that human populations rise exponentially, whereas the means to support them does not. Because of our greater ability to increase crop yields many think that Malthus is now discredited. This is not so, as too many countries have uncontrolled population increase and many of these countries are in the Middle East and Horn of Africa. Policies for all nations must be implemented to ensure drastically lower birth rates. Shuffling refugees around the world will only ensure more people on the social security programs in the nations that accept refugees.