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ACT Elections: Sustainable Australia Candidates in all five electorates

All five ACT electorates to be contested by Sustainable Australia. Sustainable Australia’s first state/territory campaign will see the party contest all five ACT electorates, represented by a diverse range of candidates from an Indigenous Elder to a 20 year old ANU science student.

Sustainable Australia (ACT) president John Haydon is representing the party in Kurrajong, and says he's delighted to have all five electorates covered in the party's first non-federal campaign.

Mr Haydon says, "Our campaign will focus on three key points: Save Canberra from overdevelopment; Lower rates; and Protect our trees."

"We will provide for proper community consultation in all development applications across the ACT.

"By slowing population growth, we relieve the ACT of the need to build and/or retro-fit so much budget-breaking complex infrastructure - like ever more trams, hospitals and schools. This budget relief will achieve lower rates than would otherwise be the case.

"And by saving Canberra from ever more sprawl and infill overdevelopment we are the only party with a sustainable plan to protect our trees and green space."

Ngunnawal Elder Violet Sheridan is standing for the party in the seat of Yerrabi, covering Gungahlin.

Ms Sheridan says, "It is important to provide better education opportunities for Aboriginal youth and all young Australians, as well as housing affordability for first home buyers and renters. I'm also passionate about protecting the ACT's Aboriginal and European heritage from overdevelopment."

The party's Ginninderra candidate Martin Tye obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science in Geography from the University of Canberra, and also has an extensive background in small business, running successful retail outlets for over 30 years.

"My extensive campaigning around Belconnen has told me that many voters are tired of the same old political choices, and want something different. Most voters want a common sense party from the political centre, and support our aim for an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable ACT," said Mr Tye.

Mr Tye's son Oliver is also running for the party, in Kurrajong in which his university sits.

"I'm loving studying science at ANU but would go to part-time study if I had the privilege of representing younger voters in the ACT Legislative Assembly," said Mr (Oliver) Tye.

Full details on the campaign can be found at our website:

Policy Platform - Sustainable Australia

Sustainable Australia | Policies

Established in 2010 from the political centre, we aim to secure an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable Australia.

To meet our aims, we have developed a comprehensive policy platform, detailed below.

This includes 10 policy priorities:

  1. Secure jobs in a more diverse economy, underpinned by small business
  2. Environmental restoration with a renewable energy revolution and better protection of biodiversity
  3. Housing affordability for first home buyers and renters
  4. More public transport to help ease road congestion
  5. A sustainable population with slower population growth
  6. Saving our suburbs from overdevelopment
  7. Affordable education with lower HECS-HELP and TAFE fees
  8. Better primary and preventative health care including diet and exercise
  9. Celebrating healthy ageing and recognising the contributions of older Australians
  10. Regional and rural revitalisation with fairer trade and Australian ownership of agricultural land

*Slower population growth would include lower immigration, from our current record annual permanent immigration program of around 200,000 (which we say should be lowered back to the long term average of 70,000), not Australia's humanitarian intake of 14,000 refugees (which we support).

Our policy priorities are detailed within our comprehensive policy platform below.

Issues outside of our comprehensive policy platform are addressed on merit, if elected.

Sustainable Australia (ACT) policies

We registered for the 2016 ACT election - and developed local ACT policies: CLICK HERE

National policy platform (24 sections):

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