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Riveting Belgian press interview with Bashar al-Assad, Syrian President

For those rare individuals who like their news direct from the source instead of twisted by the biased mainstream media, this interview with Assad covers a new range of questions and answers. Assad denies that his family has any ownership of the presidency. He gives a clear account of how he came to be a presidential candidate. He attributes' Syria's ongoing problems to European and United States sponsorship of al-Nusra affiliated terrorists and ISIS. He says he would have no problems in stepping aside if someone else was elected as President of Syria. He says that 'the new U.S. administration' gave some cause for hope, during the elections and after. And much more. No Australian politician has ever been interviewed at this depth, to my knowledge.

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Assad spoke with integrity, authority and rationality. He must have strong ideals and support to stand against global, destructive powers against him. Amnesty has learned from prisoners who were detained there and released and former guards about what they describe as a calculated programme of extermination taking place in one of President Bashar al-Assad’s military prisons – Saydnaya, in Damascus. This does not stand with the person of the interview, who wants peace in his country!
Amnesty has collected witness testimony on the basis of which it believes that Saydnaya’s mass hangings are authorised by officials at the highest levels of the Syrian government. Together with the names of an “execution panel”, Amnesty has forwarded information about alleged perpetrators to the relevant international investigation bodies.
He says terrorists are attacking the people– when they are attacking civilians, and killing civilians, and beheading people, and destroying properties, private and public, and destroying the infrastructure, everything in this country, let’s say, our constitutional duty and legal duty as government and as army and as state institutions is to defend the Syrian people.
He's hardly the monster portrayed by his critics. The terrorists need to be quelled, and their support base.