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Restore Residents' Rights: Rally at Parliament 8 June 1pm - Planning Backlash

Responding to "Plan Melbourne 2017-2050" and changes to the Planning Scheme which will transfer government powers to private developers, Planning Backlash will rally on the steps of Parliament on 8 June 2017 at 1pm.



Rally on the steps of Parliament 8th June at 1 pm.

We demand that residents’ rights are restored and that Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 is amended accordingly.

Not only does this latest ‘Plan Melbourne’ remove more of our rights, the protection provided by the residential zones has been dramatically reduced and 70% of all new development will be forced into our established suburbs. Also multi-storey apartments in your local street will be encouraged with no objections allowed.

Professor Michael Buxton (School of Global, Urban & Social Studies, RMIT) will be the main presenter along with other prominent speakers.

Your’s and your members’ presence will help us to get our rights restored and changes made to protect our homes.

Authorized by Mary Drost, Convenor of PLANNING BACKLASH INC. registered under the Associations Incorporation Act . Planning Backlash is a coalition of over 250 resident andcommunity groups from across Melbourne as well as country and coastal areas of Victoria. PO Box 1034 Camberwell 3124 Editor: The following document will be handed out at the rally. Please read it, talk it and send it everywhere:

Residents' Bill of Rights

We, the current residents of Melbourne, country and coastal areas of Victoria, call on the government and opposition at all levels to act to protect our homes, communities and cities from over-development.


The current trend of excessive population growth through the ever increasing levels of immigration.
The excessive influence of vested interests and lobby groups upon residential planning and government decision making.
The increasing densification of residential areas and the consequent impact on our infrastructure without commensurate infrastructure upgrades at all levels.
The continual changes to planning law and regulations that provides no certainty for the peaceful enjoyment of our neighbourhoods by the current and future residents.
The continual urban sprawl into Melbourne’s green fringe and farming land.


• Population growth targets to be limited to sustainable levels based on OECD averages which is currently around 0.63%. (Australia’s rate of growth is currently around 1.7% ).

• Infrastructure be upgraded to meet current needs and kept ahead of requirements to meet our cities population growth requirements.

• A bipartisan planning environment that provides certainty and protects residential areas against densification in any form.

• Councils to be the sole “responsible Authority” for issuing planning permits and building permits.

• VCAT’s role to be confined to resolution of legal planning disputes and ensuring that lawful planning regulations are met.

• FIRB rules and penalties designed and strictly applied to prevent destruction of existing housing stock and neighbourhood character by foreign nationals.

• Expansion and development of regional cities and associated infrastructure to support population growth and lifestyle quality.

• Developer donations be deemed illegal with mandatory disqualification, forfeiture, or dismissal from or of any current or future development.

• Protection of current open space and tree canopy with requirement to retain or replace vegetation on all new or redevelopment sites.

• Government, at all levels, legally required to assess and protect the interests of residents ahead of developers’ interests.

• All planning committees and reference groups must have at reasonable resident representation.

• Legislate to ensure permits can be refused where a poll of residents/owners living within 300m radius of the proposed development indicates objection by the majority of existing residents/owners.

• A national uniform code be developed to define minimum dwelling size, minimum open space per bedroom and maximum occupancy limits.

• Enforceable minimum Victorian building standards regulations administered by an independent authority.

• Any breach of a planning permit or building standards should result in a prosecution by the relevant authority or the State or local Government to ensure proper rectification

• Developers to meet infrastructure costs necessary for new developments including drainage, sewage, water supply, telecommunications, gas and electricity.

• Developers to be required to contribute to a general community/Council infrastructure fund, , based on number of bedrooms or estimated improved value of the property.

• Neighbourhood character, architecture and heritage requirements to be met by every new residential development.

• Establishment and enforcement of resident and visitor car parking standards, for new multi-dwelling developments, at the rate of 0.75 spaces per bedroom, for residents and 0.25 spaces for visitors.

• Character protection for heritage and traditional local shopping strips.

[This bill was] Published & authorized by PLANNING BACKLASH, on behalf of it’s 250
supporting residents' groups in Melbourne, country & coastal areas.
PO Box 1034 Camberwell, Vic. 3124

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I have just listened to the Victorian Planning Minister talking on ABC radio about the new planning rules allowing a huge increase in dwellings per unit of land e.g 20 are now where 1 might have existed originally and 2 were allowed under the previous rules in what are called Neighbourhood Residential Zones (the most amenable zones all over Melbourne). The program host Raphael Epstein asked the Minister, Richard Wynne why he sounded so angry as he dismissed the complaints of the Mayor of Boroondara aired immediately prior. Mr. Wynne replied that he had so many people to fit in! He mentioned over 127,000 in a year and a future population of 10 million. Who is telling him he has to fit them in I wonder. How can he plan sensibly with such unreasonable targets? Planning becomes formulaic or an exercise in geometry rather than in liveability.

It was really dramatic. It sounded to me as if Wynn was desperately screaming something like, "But Melbourne will reach 10m in fifty years!" As if he had a gun to his head. And I thought it was amazing that the interviewer didn't say, "WHAT???!!! Are you insane? Who tells you that?" And then make that the subject of the interview. But Rafael Epstein just bumbled on as if developers were not at war with the people of Melbourne. Does the cost of living and the high rate of unemployment ensure that most people with a job, especially in planning or the mainstream media, never speak out? Because most people depend on them. And, you know, one could ring in, but the liklihood is that you will be kept hanging on line and, if you really know what you are talking about, they won't let you on. (Well, it's true that I once had an hour spaaing with ex-Premier Steve Bracks, on the conversation hour, but afterwards somehow, the comments page that was published to accompany that episode, was permanently dysfunctional so almost no-one could ever post on it - and I know that many tried.

"Mr. Wynne replied that he had so many people to fit in! He mentioned over 127,000 in a year and a future population of 10 million. " So there's a definite target to reach 10 million by mid century? That's a plan we haven't really been informed about, and it's never been debated or voted on democratically. Just what will be achieved by millions more people in our cities that isn't being achieved now? Just how will jobs be created, or will the "migrants make jobs"? This growth is just zombie growth, with no real focus or plan except to perpetuate more housing, mortgages, and give a never-ending customer base to big businesses. The Plan for Melbourne keeps being upgraded and changed, and there's no real plan except GROWTH and the struggle of damage-control - and giving the public the illusion we are protected from over-development when it's simply released incrementally!

Yes, it amounts to a conspiracy. The property lobby and both political parties have huge land-holdings and shares in property finance and they run, via their governments, the state land packaging. They have urged mass immigration and disorganisation of local government until they figure the citizens simply cannot fight back. It's the British way, as in Hong Kong. Take a fishing village, fill it with immigrants, submerge the original inhabitants, make zillions through land speculation and gambling, then hand it over to the Chinese to chew over the remainder. Australians need to realize they are ruled by a class of people in government and corporations who don't identify with the rest and think they can do what they like. They will use violence against us to make us kow tow, mark my words.

What can adding 5 million more residents to Melbourne by 2050 possibly do for Melbourne's current 5 million residents? Melbourne is already terribly overcrowded and congested. Clearly, moving so many people to Melbourne over 13 years can only cause massive harm to Melbourne's current inhabitants.

Paraodoxically, a small minority stands to perversely gain by destroying the quality of life of most other Melbourne residents. Also, given that many of the new residents will be priveleged members of poor Third World countries, their moving to Australia can only add to the transfer of wealth out of those poor countries into the pockets of Australian developers as well as to support their own anticipated more affluent lifestyles.

This plan to so drastically change Victoria was never put to Victorian voters at the last state election of 29 November 2014. Neither Premier Daniel Andrews nor Planning Minister Richard Wynne have any mandate to proceed with this insane plan. If they fail to abandon this plan, they should resign and call new elections.

I agree with you Geoffrey, wholeheartedly. However, before any elections take place we need to do our homework and then put our homework into action. The homework consisting of informing and recruiting those opposed to massive population increase and the footwork in the form of rolling protests. Until that happens the government (Labour and Liberal), corporate Australia and the mainstream media will take no notice of our lament!