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Report: Lib Population Taskforce meet in MacLeod (Ivanhoe, Eltham region)

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There is his huge gap between what the people want and what politicians and their masters want.

(Cartoon by Jill Quirk.)

I attended a Population Task Force meeting yesterday inMacLeod (for region Ivanhoe and Eltham). There were about 30 in attendance, all but one ‘oldies’, mainly from Ivanhoe/Eaglemont, a couple (myself included) from Eltham.

The convenor was Richard Della Riva who just sat there and looked bored. His electoral office is in Vermont, so he would not know too many people in MacLeod.

The moderator and keynote speaker was a youngish Tim Smith. The presentation lasted less than 15 mins, then it was over to Q&A. I kick-started Q&A by stating that I got the impression this was not about stabilisation of population growth but rather accept growth as a given and then see how it can be managed. I wanted to know what environmental impact study had been done (approving murmurs from the floor ) and was asked to make a submission (which I will asap).

Many objected to population growth

Tim Smith was then hammered by the rest who all complained each in their own way about the population growth, some gave mini-speeches from their seats. He used the excuse – not convincingly - that many of these questions were of a federal nature, again and again he asked people to make a written submission. You can make one at

At the end Tim Smith asked by show of hands who thought immigration was too high. Up shot the arms. He re-phrased it: Who thought it was right or not enough? 2 arms out of 30 went up – one woman who spruiked for hemp growing and the one next to me, sent by a church group, who was just interested in getting more refugees. (She stormed out of meeting after closure).

Surely, 30 is not a representative sample, but I thought it very interesting that 28 out of 30 wanted less immigration, and they were all Third Agers plus one young woman in her mid 20s who was very anti-immigration. I gave her a copy of Peter North’s book Growing for Broke, which she very much appreciated.


I think you may have hit the nail on the head there Margit! Our politicians - Liberal Labour, Green or National - are indeed a lily-livered lot! No brain, no heart, no soul and definitely no intestinal fortitude!!

I remember when Ron Casey used to introduce boxers into the ring - "Introducing Ginger Rogers, a butcher by trade". Today when introducing politicians we should announce "Introducing Tim Smith, a population booster by trade"!!

What a magnificent rooster, albeit totally indifferent to the conditions of the hens. It makes you think of all the parking lots as well as the high rises and toll roads that the population boosters and politicians have invested in in advance. Mathew Guy always makes me think of a little rooster, so full of himself that he will deny himself nothing.

In contrast to the little Matt Guy rooster, Daniel Andrews seems more homely, but he is currently the more direct agent of our destruction. Matthew is his understudy. When I think of the growing suffering Andrews is inflicting on people in Victoria (bar a minority who seem to think that making money out of development will justify anything), the wildlife and generations to come, whose inheritance has been presold. Andrews is actively creating homelessness, extinction, and the conditions for famine, thirst and the displacement of whole populations. He might as well have declared war on the citizens of Victoria, and Matthew Guy and his mobster dining companions are helping Andrew by aiding and abetting sprawl three stories high. The Greens shamefully just help suppress and confuse resistance. I used to look at Africa, India and China and wonder what had happened, not imagining the same could happen to Australia. Now I realise that people like Guy and Andrews, Turnbull and Howard, Rudd and the rest, gamed the system and herded the populations for the profit of their mates.