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New Sustainable Australia election policies video

The Sustainable Australia Party has prioritised four key issues that unite rather than divide Australians: secure jobs, affordable housing, better planning and a sustainable environment.
Related policies feature in the video.

Why vote for Sustainable Australia?

In short, our party has prioritised four key issues that unite rather than divide us: secure jobs, affordable housing, better planning and a sustainable environment.

We've featured these four issues in our new video:

We need your help

One of the unique selling points of our party is a genuine sustainable population policy. First and foremost, rapid population growth is an environmental problem, but it also impacts on our ability to achieve secure jobs, affordable housing and better planning.

For example, without slowing population growth, desperately needed housing affordability policies around taxation, bank lending practices and overseas buyers are negated by continued rapid growth in domestic demand.

Mainstream media

Unfortunately, when it comes to the mainstream media, our voice is drowned out by the extremes - pro-big Australia and anti-immigration forces. For a combination of commercial and ideological reasons, perhaps the mainstream media wants it that way.

Despite a series of uncontested pro-big Australia articles and opinion pieces in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and The Guardian, none of these publications will print an evidence-based opinion piece I offered rejecting big Australia on environmental and infrastructure grounds.

Getting around mainstream media barriers in order to reach voters is one reason why it is so important that you watch and share our latest video.

We need rational voices to rise above intolerant ones. The alternative is even more polarised political discourse. Suppression of moderate voices simply drives people into the arms of extreme parties.

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William Burke is the leader of the Sustainable Australia Party.


Watched Q and A and then news and then heard more news on radio and the discussion did not get further than who is treating who unfairly and who is being nasty to whom. It is really just juvenile schoolyard stuff dressed up in grown up voices.

There was the token African female guest on Q and A who at first sounded quite grown up and intelligent but pretty soon got around to herself as a black + woman.

To me Germaine Greer sounded as tho she was so used to whining that every time a question went to her she just turned it on but strayed from the point very quickly. Then they started on the cartoon of Serena Williams at the recent US tennis open where she behaved badly -anyway the cartoon is supposedly racist because it makes her look like an African woman-which she is ! The Greer said that not only was the cartoon racist but also sexist but Greer could not pin point in what way it was actually sexist. She said something like it was a picture of a woman having lost her temper - (but she did!)

Anyway - all the Lib female federal parliamentarians are leaving in droves -the latest one today complains of branch stacking in the NSW branch of the Libs and sort of elbowing her out. She probably has every right to object but it makes for news of the parliament all about how they are treating one another - as tho it is all about them. It's introspective and so is the climate of Q and A.

It is utterly pathetic! They cannot get over themselves!