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Protest Melbourne Friday 6:30pm to stop extradition of Julian Assange by outlaw Trump regime

Title was: "Australian action to help Assange as extradition hearing approaches". Donations can be made to:

Julian Assange’s extradition hearing starts on Monday 24th of this month. To mark the occasion and to help increase awareness in his hometown of Melbourne, Melbourne4WikiLeaks is holding a rally at the State Library of Victoria at 6:30pm on the evening of Friday 21st February.

We feel that it is important to keep pressure on the Australian Government to intervene with both the UK and US in order to stop the extradition and bring Julian home.

Additionally, we are aware from his legal team and his father’s visits that events supporting him in his hometown greatly lift his spirits.

Time is running out for Julian and it is vitally important at this time to step up the campaign.

You can help in a number of ways:

Firstly, you can come to the Rally where we will be joined by speakers including Caitlin Johnstone, Julian Hill and others as well as a live video cross to Julian’s father, John Shipton in London. There will also be music and a special video presentation.

You can find details of the No Extradition Rally at

Please invite friends and share widely.

Secondly, you should write to your local Federal member and/or Senator. The best way to find who your local Member is via

Which also provides links to phone numbers, email and postal addresses.

Finally, but importantly, you can help us to cover costs of the rally by donating to our GoFundMe fundraiser at

We look forward to seeing you there.

Jacob & Simon


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