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Lib/Lab team up to wipe out minor parties - SAP needs new members

"Today, with little warning and a lot of malice, the Liberal and Labor parties teamed up to pass legislation requiring minor parties to prove they have over 1500 members within the next three months - up from 500 - before the 2022 federal election." (William Bourke, President Sustainable Australia Party, 27 August 2021)

See the article in the Canberra Times. no mistake, this is an attack on democracy, to destroy competition.

The Sustainable Australia Party (SAP) began as the Stable Population Party of Australia some time ago, but gradually, without losing this orientation, it has developed a more complex democratic and economic platform around this, and a new name.

William Bourke writes:

"SAP had already passed the Australian Electoral Commission's test of 500 members last year and therefore (seemingly) had clearance to contest the upcoming federal election.

Now, we have a massive administrative project dumped on us just when we were selecting candidates and getting on with campaigning.

This is how the major parties make it very difficult for minor parties - through endless compliance and administration requirements.

Join today for $22/$11
While we technically have over 1500 members, it will be a big challenge to get everyone to respond to an upcoming audit.

Put simply, we need more members.

Sustainable Australia Party is an independent community movement with a positive plan for an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable Australia. We support a science and evidence-based approach to policy.

We campaign to protect our environment, stop overdevelopment and stop corruption.

We increasingly understand that systemic political corruption is at the heart of our growing problems including environmental crises, overdevelopment, rapid population growth, the privatisation of our publicly-owned natural monopolies and the de-industrialisation of our previously robust and self-sufficient economy.

Now they are coming for minor parties.

We are Australia's only true sustainability-first political party and we originally formed because no other party included a sensible plan to stabilise Australia's population within an environmental platform.

You may have considered joining us in the past.

Now is the time. It's only $22/$11.

We welcome both active and passive members. You will be under no pressure to do anything other than pay a small joining fee."

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