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Virtual inaugural meeting of Immigrant's Memorial Association

Immigrants’ Memorial Association

VIRTUAL PICNIC (at home!!!)

There has been a change of date and venue of our inaugural meeting due to the difficulties of getting everyone together. A virtual picnic is now proposed so people everywhere can attend and vote.

When: Sunday 19th October from 2pm-4pm Brisbane Time

Where: email and telephone contact within group

Who are we?

The Immigrants' Memorial Association is being formed to commemorate the immigrants who through opportunity, sacrifice and good fortune have contributed to Queensland's civil society, prosperity and cultures. The current goal is to retain Yungaba in public ownership and develop it as a memorial where the immigration experience can be presented to the public, especially school groups.

Picnic Programme

1. RSVP now by return email registering your email contact, telephone and name.

2. Between now and the Picnic register by writing to Hon Paul Lucas introducing yourself, stating who you would like to commemorate and why, and your interest in keeping Yungaba main building as an accessible memorial (see model letter below). Send a copy of your letter to me here mpecknox [AT] bigpond net au

3. A compilation of registrants emails will be sent to you.

4. If you wish, self-nominate for a committee position with a short statement of your relevant experience which I will distribute to the group for voting.

5. At the Picnic, vote by email on the issues and in the elections sent to you.

6. Discuss by email or telephone with others attending either individually or with the whole group, any matter.

7. Please write to Hons Anna Bligh, Paul Lucas, Robert Schwarten or David Eades, Chairperson of Qld Heritage Council as a member of IMA indicating the importance to the Association’s goal of retaining Yungaba.


deputypremier[AT]ministerial qld gov au

The Hon Paul Lucas, MP

Deputy Premier and Minister for Infrastructure and Planning

Level 12, Executive Building


Dear Paul,

I am writing to you as the Minister who has called-in Yungaba for consideration of the development application.

I would like to commemorate my parents, James and Helga Robertson, who immigrated to Queensland in 1958 and all other immigrants. Without relatives here, their lives were without much support and sometimes difficult. However, they were successful in many ways and I believe they were an asset to Queensland’s development. They have passed away recently and they leave twelve descendents all living in Queensland.

We would like to have a Yungaba museum where the members of our family can come together in their honour.

Yours sincerely,


Jan Bradley.

24 Emu Close,


Qld 4209

Tel: 07 3724 8651

RSVP now by return email, with telephone, saying Attending.Then write your registration letter.


Martin Knox

Immigrants’ Memorial Association

0411 041 209