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Keep broadband in public hands - Australian Greens

Media Release by Senator Scott Ludlam, Wednesday 3 Dec 08

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The Australian Greens say the Government must take a majority equity stake in the National Broadband Network to ensure it's operated in the public interest, as controversy regarding Telstra's bid continues.

"Telstra has carefully cherry-picked from the government's project objectives throughout the bidding process. It wants the $4.7 billion dollars as a low interest loan, it will only cover 80 to 90% of the government's promised 98% of the population and it wants regulations governing competition watered down further," said the Greens Communications Spokesperson, Senator Scott Ludlam.

"The progressive privatisation process mutated Telstra from a public utility into an aggressive, litigious and self-interested private corporation. If we needed another case study as to why you shouldn't privatise essential services, here it is."

The Senator made the comments as he tabled a minority report on the Government's Broadband Bill in the Senate.

"The Government must hold its ground. If the Government caves into Telstra's demands it risks delivering an expensive lemon to the Australian people, with limited or non-existent regional coverage, and with the interests of Telstra's shareholders continuing to take precedence over the public interest."

For more information or media enquiries please call Robert Simms on 0417 174 302 or visit Senator Scott Ludlam's Web site at

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