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biodiversity protection

20 Years Left as Australian Mammals Plunge Into Extinction

A new report from Charles Darwin University shows that at 136 sites in the Kimberleys surveyed since 2001, mammal populations have crashed by an average of 75%. Sites devoid of mammal activity increased from 13% in 1996 to 55% in 2009.
Is any of this getting through to our governments or councils at all? It appears they only care about money, the economy, endless development and population expansion while remaining oblivious to the mass species extinction occurring around us. Or saying it's a serious problem while doing NOTHING.

Tweed Shire Mayor ignores anti-Rally correspondence

Tweed Shire Mayor has been emailed information about three councils in Sydney who have rejected a similar rally to the Repco rally in the Sydney Olympic Park. A lengthy report from 20 years of analysing the so called 'economic benefits' of mega sport events was also sent. She has been apprised of efforts in W.A. to protect endangered species, much needed here with 2/3rds of our species at risk. Yet not a word of reply and three weeks has passed .... is biodiversity not an issue for her in spite of her support of eco tourism? What kind of tourist would want to do an eco tour of an area where all the species were extinct?

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