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Public Health Association

PHAA's Great Election Public Health Debate and Dinner-Tuesday 10 August 2010 - Canberra

How our taxes are used in hospitals and other prevention and treatment modalities is of almost as much importance as how our access to shelter and food are or are not guaranteed by our political systems. The Public Health Association of Australia has a broad interpretation of public health and is thus interested in population policy and housing as well as in clinics and hospitals. It is important to support the PHAA to influence public policy in a broad range of areas. The Association has a network throughout Australia, in rural and urban areas. As such it is among several organisations which has some potential to combat aspects of the property and finance based Growth Lobby in Australia, which has apparently taken over government in this country.

Public Health Association call for environmentally sustainable population policies

"Population flux depends on the interaction of public policy and cultural values and attitudes. The accelerated population growth experienced in recent years has been achieved through public policy change, supported by arguments we believe are either misconceived or misconstrued as being in the public interest, while in fact representing only short-sighted or narrow vested interests. The misinformation associated with these policies and arguments has also shifted attitudes towards family size, labour market management and demographic age profiles." The Association emphasised that a population inquiry needs to be objective.

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