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Taiji: Japan's new bizarre and grizzly marine “mammal park”

In a cruel twist of irony, the Japanese town Taiji, made infamous by Oscar-winning documentary, The Cove, will open as a marine mammal park.  In response to the outrage caused by the film, the Japanese government will re invent the town of Taiji, to give the thin facade of respectability as a marine “nature reserve”.

'Kangaroo Mob' - propaganda for wildlife trade and sadistic deviants?

The ABC is to screen a documentary about kangaroos. It is scheduled for television on ABC1 channel will this coming Tuesday evening 21st February 2012 at 8:30pm
It is set in Canberra, Australian Capital Territroy, alias the 'Taijin' of kangaroo slaughter.

The programme is entitled 'Kangaroo Mob'

Lies, Damn Lies and 'Japanese Scientific Whaling'

Japanese whalers and fishing corporations have made Japan the pariah of the world's oceans. The Japanese lie of scientific whaling has become a cliched euphemism. Now the science has been officially confirmed as a fraud, as if we didn't already know.

An international team of Oregon State University scientists, documentary filmmakers and environmental advocates has uncovered an apparent illegal trade in whalemeat, linking whales killed in Japan's controversial scientific whaling program to sushi restaurants in Seoul, South Korea, and Los Angeles, California.
Is this Japan's whale meat export led recovery?

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