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Lies, Damn Lies and 'Japanese Scientific Whaling'

Japanese whalers and fishing corporations have made Japan the pariah of the world's oceans. The Japanese lie of scientific whaling has become a cliched euphemism. Now the science has been officially confirmed as a fraud, as if we didn't already know.

An international team of Oregon State University scientists, documentary filmmakers and environmental advocates has uncovered an apparent illegal trade in whalemeat, linking whales killed in Japan's controversial scientific whaling program to sushi restaurants in Seoul, South Korea, and Los Angeles, California.
Is this Japan's whale meat export led recovery?

Queensland to give green light to shark extermination

Although over 90% of the world’s sharks, vital for the ecological integrity of marine eco-systems, have already been eradicated, the Queensland government plans to issue licenses for the finning of an unlimited number of sharks from the Great Barrier Reef.

Original media release from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society of 16 May 08.
What you can do: sign the petition, e-mail ThePremier[AT],

See also: Greens call for protection of shark stocks of 4 Jun 08.

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