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There Ain't No Cure For The Recession Blues

One day it will dawn on us that this is no ordinary recession. This is not a fiscal or credit crisis. Another trough in the usual boom and bust cycle. This time Keynesian prime-pumping won't work (if in fact it ever did, contrary to legend). We cannot spend or inflate our way out of this one. And if we do the reverse, if we cut back spending and implement austerity and conservation measures, we will only be taking our foot off the gas pedal-----not braking our motion toward the cliff. And the poor and the unemployed will suffer a disporportionate amount of the pain. Traditional left wing or right wing strategies are obsolete. The problem they would attempt to solve is much deeper than they imagine, and beyond their comprehension.

SUVs Built For People Whose Delusions Are Without Limits

Trapped in a morass of middle class mediocrity--- a life of long commutes, road rage, double-income stress, crippling mortgages and rents---- the average American urbanite dreams the fantasy of weekend escape. Car makers and the advertising agencies they employ are there to offer it to them. TV commercials assure us that the SUV is your ticket to the promised land, the ticket to off-road heaven, the chance to enjoy the tranquillity and space that willderness offers by trashing it. Not to worry. As the commercials show, there is plenty where that came from. The world is without limits, and you can be one of a 100 million to find a chunk of solitude just for yourself. To use and abuse.

The World Needs Fewer Canadian Consumers---Not More "Green" Ones

There is now a surfeit of "green living" tips that adorn the websites of environmental NGOs and corporations alike, all eager to tell the carbon-obsessed how much more responsible they can be by changing their consumer habits. Conspiculously absent, however, is any suggestion that you might limit your family to one child or that the Minister of Immigration might change his lifestyle of opening the floodgates to incoming footprints from other lands so that they can multiply their ecological impacts upon arrival. The whole exercise is classic displacement behaviour---a feel good distraction from the nasty task at hand: keeping our numbers down.

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