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Australian premiere of childfree documentary to be screened late February

Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) are partnering with filmmaker Maxine Trump on the Australian premiere of her award winning film To Kid or Not to Kid in Melbourne and Perth on the 26 and 27 February. The documentary is being screened as part of SPA’s ‘Stop at Two’ campaign. This will be the first time the film will be screened in theatres before being released on Amazon Prime on February 27th.

Serving Notice To Feminists

Some argue that our survival depends on an extension or restoration of what we deem as human "rights". But what if the sum total of individuals exercising their "rights" results in the net loss of our collective rights? Or even the extinction of our species? In a world of nearly 7 billion people can there be any pro-create "right"? What Isasc Asimov said of democracy can be said of rights and freedoms. Inevitably, they will be the victims of overpopulation. As Wendy Kellett remarked, "The more crowded we become, the more governments will police our behaviour and restrict our movements and activities: this will be the end result of the laissez-faire ideology which dominates economic and social policy."

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