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Boomerang Alliance push container deposits system

Whereas most recycling (apart from composting and metals) is pretty energy-costly and pollution-generating and not worth doing, recycling of drink containers that can actually be reused - notably glass containers - would substantially reduce litter and plastic pollution. Complementary to such a scheme should be discouragement of throw-away plastic containers. There is so much we can still do to reduce our energy-footprints, as well as reducing population growth.

Meet the Percapitas - A Sierra Club Family

We're the Percapitas. We're green, we're progressive, we read Utne magazine and Mother Jones, we listen to National Public Radio, vote liberal Democrat and we are oh so much more aware and responsible than you are!

Recycling lies: Auditor General exposes DSE and municipal recycling as mostly useless spin

No Surprise: The Department of Sustainability and municipal councils' positions on recycling have long been an insult to the intelligence of the population. The auditor general's report should also be used to expose "Green" groups that collude with government on this nonsense and to muzzle sustainable population voices. The audit found that the Department of Sustainability and Environment, Sustainability Victoria, the Environment Protection Authority, the Metropolitan Waste Management Group, one regional waste management group and four municipal councils have not effectively fulfilled their roles in implementing the strategy, resulting in ineffective planning, leadership, coordination, and oversight. And gee, we are not going to meet our so-called target of Towards Zero Waste Strategy by 2014.

Compendium of futility: Sierra Club brags of inconsequential achievements

Environmental Organizations solicit funds based on their "busy work", work at hacking at the branches of evil rather than at its roots, overpopulation. The Sierra Club of Canada, bloated with donations the sources of which it won't disclose, is busy putting out brush fires but refuses to take on the one thing that matters, Canada's galloping immigrant-driven population growth.

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