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We are a nation of immigrants - so what?

Thoughts on David Suzuki’s observation that Canada is FULL. Now is the opportune moment to say that on this issue, Dr. David Suzuki is right.
Suzuki has offered us a golden opportunity to resurrect a longstanding demand. We need to develop a Population Plan for this country. We need to start a conversation that would answer one critical question about Canada. "How many people do we want to live here?"

They Celebrate Easter But They Never Heard Of The Resurrection

Gas-frackers now sponsoring Sierra Club?! Thanks to decades of aggressive misinformation and the deliberate air-brushing of politically incorrect facts about their founding fathers, the leadership of the Sierra Club and its green clones in the environmental establishment have built up a membership steeped in ignorance about the initial aims and concerns of the movement. But ignorance is no excuse for the lack of ethical standards. Environmentalists have a duty to perform due diligence and find out if their favourite green organization is on the corporate take, ask demanding questions and do their own research.

Sierra Club Unveils Android As Their New Executive Director!

In a shocking announcement outside his San Francisco office, Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune,---who only succeeded Carl Pope to that position less than two years ago--- told surprised reporters that he was stepping down in favour of an android developed by technicians attached to an Artificial Intelligence laboratory financed by Texas billionaire T. Boone Pickens. The android will replace Brune and everyone else on the Sierra Club payroll.

Friendly ultimatum to the Sierra Club of Canada

Communication with Canada's flagship Environmental NGO is a one-way street. Questionairres are sent to you that they expect you to answer but they will not respond to any inquiries of yours, especially impertinent politically incorrect questions, which make them squirm.

Article was originally posted to Sinking LifeBoat.

Compendium of futility: Sierra Club brags of inconsequential achievements

Environmental Organizations solicit funds based on their "busy work", work at hacking at the branches of evil rather than at its roots, overpopulation. The Sierra Club of Canada, bloated with donations the sources of which it won't disclose, is busy putting out brush fires but refuses to take on the one thing that matters, Canada's galloping immigrant-driven population growth.

US environmental groups polish furniture whilst house burns down

Supposed environmental organisations of North America such as the Sierra Club divert the public's energies towards band-aid measures, whilst ignoring the over-riding cause of environmental degradation, that is, population growth.

David Brower: An authentic environmentalist (1912-2000) Why the Earth Day co-founder quit the Sierra Club

David Brower was Mr. Sierra Club, the flag ship organization in the US environmental movement. His leaving the Club would have been like Pope John Paul resigning from the Vatican on moral principles. The story of his defection is the story of how corporate interests have corrupted environmental NGOs to buy their silence over mass immigration.

Illegal aliens burn precious forest while Sierra Club is mum

Funny, I never read about THIS in any Sierra Club publication or newsletter. I wonder why? Environmentalists have had much to say about the damage a Mexican border fence would do to wildlife movement. But precious forests being torched and they say nothing?

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