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Activists: Win 2 Weeks in Antarctica to promote environment

Write a voice-over for one of these films and win 2 weeks in Antarctica in an environmental team. Air New Zealand is promoting itself as a supporter of scientific research that creates a better understanding of the continent and the impact of climate change. "The best suited candidate [for this competition] will have a passion for the environment and want to play a role in building awareness of the efforts we all need to make to better protect the world we live in. Strong communication skills are a must along with a healthy respect for the difficult operating conditions in Antarctica."

Frozen in Time: Prehistoric life in Antarctica - new book

In its transition from rich biodiversity to the barren, cold land of blizzards we see today, Antarctica provides a dramatic case study of how subtle changes in continental positioning can affect living communities, and how rapidly catastrophic changes can come about. Frozen in Time reconstructs Antarctica’s evolving animal and plant communities as accurately as the fossil record permits.

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