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demographic transition myth

What socialists still don't get - growth will never cure poverty

Leftists often rationalise their refusal to oppose population growth by arguing that continued economic growth in developing nations will eventually bring prosperity to all now in poverty and bring about population stability without any need for drastic measures. However, the evidence stands against this, even if we assume that our our already periloulsy degraded planetary life support system could withstand the necessary additional demands.

See also: Why is the UN so complacent in the face of over-population peril? of 3 Jul 08

Why is the UN so complacent in the face of over-population peril?

As we face the prospect of ecological meltdown due to the unprecedented demands of 6.5 billion humans on our diminishing natural resources, the United Nations assures us that the world can sustain 9.2 billion in 2050, after which it claims ‘demographic transition’ through rising living standards will lead to population stability and its eventual decline.

CBC condemns South African rioters

“He might have just as well stayed in Toronto or better still, huddled with his former journalism professor of political correctness at Carelton to compose the right storyline. You know, xenophobic rioters take out their misery upon poor foreigners who have a right to displace their jobs.”

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