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South Africa

Mass Slaughter of rhinos in South Africa

Mass slaughter of rhinos in South Africa continues as a genocide. The owner of a safari operator, his wife and a professional hunter are alleged to be some of the masterminds arrested and taken into custody for rhino poaching. They are Mr. Dawie Groenewald (42) a director of Out of Africa Adventurous Safaris and his wife Sariette and Tielman Erasmus
a professional hunter!

Emigration as a safety valve for tyrants

The politically correct coverage of the South African anti-immigrant riots by the CBC (and Australia's ABC) fails to consider how the true long term interests of the poor of both South Africa and the countries from which the immigrants come, such as Zimbabwe, may not be best served by unlimited immigration into South Africa.

See also: CBC condemns South African rioters of 25 May 08, Will the great immigration debate take place of 21 May 08

CBC condemns South African rioters

“He might have just as well stayed in Toronto or better still, huddled with his former journalism professor of political correctness at Carelton to compose the right storyline. You know, xenophobic rioters take out their misery upon poor foreigners who have a right to displace their jobs.”

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