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Australia alight on New Year's Eve

Our city was alight last night as was the countryside
the first, an exhibition the latter ecocide.

A Symbiosis Of Corruption And Ecological Destruction: Deforestation in Sarawak And Empire-Building In Ontario

Too often we fail to see the connection between the ecological destruction and cultural genocide of so-called "developing" nations and the lax immigration policies of those nations like Canada which play host to both the victims and the perpetrators of the tragedy. A look at the relationship between Sarawak's plight and the inflation of real estate values in Ontario, Canada and elsewhere should give us a better understanding of how plunder abroad promotes in-migration here. Canada, by offering an outlet to dirty money and the people who profit from it, must be seen as a willing accomplice and silent partner to a vast money-laundering operation.

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Stark reality lesson

There are lessons to be learned from what industrial civilization has done to its life support system, the natural environment. The principle lesson is that it has so irreversibly devastated what it is dependent on that it has effectively committed ecocide. Smart youngsters can learn sufficient from this lesson to plan how to power down.

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