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Andrew McNamara

Who really won the North Sydney by-election? Article by Andrew McNamara

Andrew McNamara is former Minister for Sustainability, Climate Change and Innovation in Queensland. He argues here that the Sustainable Population Party (soon to become the Sustainable Party) was the real winner of the North Sydney by-election; that all other participants showed diminishing or one-off results.

Queensland to give green light to shark extermination

Although over 90% of the world’s sharks, vital for the ecological integrity of marine eco-systems, have already been eradicated, the Queensland government plans to issue licenses for the finning of an unlimited number of sharks from the Great Barrier Reef.

Original media release from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society of 16 May 08.
What you can do: sign the petition, e-mail ThePremier[AT],

See also: Greens call for protection of shark stocks of 4 Jun 08.

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