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Greenpeace, they are laughing at you

Why does Greenpeace insist on giving its supporters' money to a company which has done inestimable wilful damage to democracy, journalism and the environment in Australia and throughout the world?

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Sea Shepherd appeals for Greenpeace's cooperation in fight against whale slaughter

In the last whaling season, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society with its one fast ship, the Steve Irwin prevented Japanese whalers from catching 50% of their quota. Captain Paul Watson has appealed to the GreenPeace Foundation for their cooperation in the 2008-2009 Antarctic summer whaling season in order to be able to save 80-100% of the planned Japanese whaling quota.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society media release, 5 Jun 08

See also: Queensland to give green light to shark extermination of 1 Jun 08

What you can do: Donate to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Nearly all funds go to saving whales and other endangered marine species and little is spent on bureaucracy.

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