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Video: Stranger than fiction 2 US senators fan Ukraine civil war and more

Violence started up again in eastern Ukraine soon after New Years Day, which was the day of an immensely shameful visit to the front lines in Ukraine by the scabrous US republican Senators, John McCain and Lindsey Graham. In the video below, after a short speech in Ukranian by an obese Poroshenko dressed in a camouflage fatigues, we hear in English at 1.17 in the video, these appalling foreign politicians encouraging the Kiev soldiers assembled to start up their war against East Ukraine again. The English is interpreted into Ukrainian.

Australian ABC biased coverage of Ukraine dangerous to world peace

Australian mainstream media, including the public media, continue to report some critical world events in a dangerously one-sided manner, while the world increasingly risks a third world war. In this letter of complaint to the ABC, David Macilwain appeals to presenters Barbara Miller and Michael Brissenden to consider the multiple reports and perspective in all Russian media, and in many alternative internet fora, to better understand the nature of the powerplay in Ukraine, instead of uncritically reporting the slant on these matters given by western governments.

Ukraine Presidential Elections. Low Turn-out. Poroshenko Declares Victory - by Michel Chossudovsky

According to exit polls, Pyotr Poroshenko is in the lead with more than 55 percent, with Fatherland Party rival Yulia Tymoshenko gathering approximately 12 percent of the vote. According to the Central Election Commission, the overall turnout [6pm local time] was exceedingly low. Officially the number of polling stations is 32,244. Even in areas controlled by the Kiev regime, the voter turn-out was low. - See more at: Ukraine presidential elections low turn out

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