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demographic statistics

Response from ACT Auditor General re audits of endangered species in ACT

After publishing articles about reports by auditor generals in Tasmania, Victoria and West Australia, on the state of threatened species protection, I sent emails to the Auditor Generals in the ACT, the NT, NSW and South Australia.
Today I received this email from the Auditor General's office in the ACT. This response tells us that no audit has yet been done in the ACT. To me this is an indicator that the ACT statistics are probably in the same poor order as those in other states. I am grateful to the ACT Auditor General for their prompt response. The ACT State of the Environment Report referred to seemed unhelpful regarding reliability of statistics in the mean time.

Melbourne Public Lecture - "How fast are we growing?" - low-down on stats by independent expert

How fast is Australia’s population really growing? How much of this growth is due to immigration? Have trends really changed dramatically? Did we need a baby bonus?

Speaker: 3pm-4pm, Sat 10 May, Melbourne meeting flyer (153K jpg)

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