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RFK juniorThis page contains Twitter posts for Robert F Kennedy Junior's (RFK Junior) campaign to be President of the United States. Robert Francis Kennedy Junior is the son of US Senator Robert Francis Kennedy (RFK) and the nephew of US President John F. Kennedy (JFK). JFK was assassinated by the US deep state on 22 November 1963, whilst RFK was murdered by the US deep state on 5 June 1968, as he was gaining huge support both from within the Democratic Party and all of American society.

In Australia, we especially welcome RFK junior's pledge to free Julian Assange. He has sharply condemned both former President Donald Trump and the current President Joe Biden for their vicious persecution of Assange. This is in stark contrast to the stance of the Australian government of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, which has failed to take any action in the 12 months since it has taken office to make the UK and its illegal imprisonment of Julian Assange. Albanese's recent statements in which he expressed concern for the plight

by in support of Julian Assange.

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