Views or opinions expressed in the pages of this site do not necessarily represent the views of the maintainers of this site.

In our experience people who are more brilliant and incisive than the rest also more likely to have serious fallibilities.

Amongst people who share our concerns about the material limits of the Earth and the threats posed by runaway population growth may be found all kinds of people who may hold other views which we do not believe are supported by the evidence. These may include religious fundamentalist views, beliefs in seemingly implausible conspiracies and even beliefs in UFO's. Some may hold views which many may find offensive. These may include white supremacy, sexism, homophobia, or the existence a world Jewish conspiracy.

However, just as in a previous era Ezra Pound's support for Italian Fascism did not devalue the worth of his poetry, otherwise mistaken views of people who want to act to against the peril of overpopulation and resource shortages, do not devalue the worth of those convictions.

Conversely, many who are brilliant critics of the dysfunction, injustice and gross inequity and of today's globalised world economy have a poor grasp of the limits of our planet's biosphere and, accordingly, fail to take a stance against population growth and uncontrolled immigration.

It is possible that some who are motivated to want to contribute to this site may hold views which we consider to be not backed up by the evidence. If you are one such person, you are still welcome to contribute to this site as long as you keep off this site views which are not related to the core purpose of this site, particularly views which others are likely to find offensive.

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