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Australia facing loss of its language, culture and environmental sustainability to mass immigration

While I write about degrading conditions in the United States, the Internet allows my work to travel all over the planet. As you know, relentless immigration endangers America, but also Australia.

Incomprehensible forces push for more population additions in both our countries. Those ‘growthists’ at the power positions operate in a mindless vacuum. They create a Faustian Bargain with the only outcome manifesting in Hobson’s Choice.

Yet, a glimmer of hope exposes average citizens to their dilemma. Mark O’Connor and William Lines wrote Overloading Australia to give everyone an idea of the calamity engulfing Oz.

In the USA, I wrote a piece, “America Losing its Language & Culture without a Whimper” for my fellow citizens. It appears that an Aussie picked it up from the Internet. You may appreciate his response:

“Frosty, you are absolutely spot on! Unfortunately I am seeing the same thing happening in Australia, most of my country men are either walking around in a "fog" or are too caught up in materialism or have been sucked in by the crap being pushed by the multi-cultural/multi-racial industry,” Robert said.

“Over the last two weeks in Melbourne & Sydney there have been large protests (several thousand strong) by foreign Indian students claiming lack of action from government and police to protect them from violent attacks. There have also been protests in India where effigies of P.M. Kevin Rudd were burnt. Indian newspapers have been running stories about Australian racism and saying that the attacks could threaten the income Australia gets from foreign students. The funny thing is: video surveillance tapes and recent arrests have identified the culprits as being of Middle Eastern identity.

“Large groups of India students have taken to the streets of Melbourne armed with clubs and attacked young men of Middle Eastern appearance. The Middle Eastern community is now asking for protection, meanwhile our politicians and self appointed ethnic spokesman are claiming the attacks aren't racially motivated. The average Aussie of European decent is sitting back scratching their head wondering what the bloody hell is going on?

“Regarding fee paying foreign students, I noticed that this is just another back door scam for residency in Australia for Third Worlders, once they complete their University or a basic Cooking, Hairdressing or Assistant in Nursing course at a ”shonk" so called Technical School they get bonus points towards residency status as they are considered skilled workers. At the same time local kids can't get placements at University, the management of Universities prefer the foreign students because they pay higher fees.

“On other matters Sydney's first Water Distillation Plant will be online soon to cope with our demand for more fresh water, the politicians are still blaming Global Warming as the reasons for building the plant, they refuse to acknowledge the demands that an increasing population is placing on our environment, health care system and life style.

“Since retiring, I have been doing a bit of casual work in a hospital, I can't believe the number of elderly people from Third World countries who are using our system and costing the taxpayer a bomb! Most of them have come here under the Family Reunion Program, the taxes their children pay could never cover the cost of providing health care and welfare for their parents.”

Australians must ask themselves if they wish to import the poor of the world to become the new entrenched poor of Oz. In the USA, we’re importing two million poor annually and they are breaking our medical, educational and prison systems. They cannot be educated as their numbers overwhelm our educational systems. Additionally, every poor teenage girl becomes pregnant faster than a hummingbird can flap its wings.

Additionally, those poor immigrants seeking a better life in the U.S. cost our taxpayers $346 billion annually in housing, food, medical, educational and resettlement costs. Immigrants must be costing Oz a bundle of cash too!

Australians may well look toward a total moratorium on all immigration before they find their country devolved into a multi-cultural and multi-lingual polyglot of incoherent mush.

One scholar, Seymour Martin Lipset, put it this way: “The histories of bilingual and bicultural societies that do not assimilate are histories of turmoil, tension, and tragedy. Canada, Belgium, Malaysia, Lebanon-all face crises of national existence in which minorities press for autonomy, if not independence. Pakistan and Cyprus have divided. Nigeria suppressed an ethnic rebellion. France faces difficulties with its Basques, Bretons, and Corsicans.”

Kant said, “Religion and language are the two great dividers.”

The fact grows more apparent daily: multiculturalism and multilingual societies cannot and do not maintain a cohesive or viable future. Australia will become a nation of strangers.

Frosty Wooldridge has bicycled across six continents – from the Arctic to the South Pole – as well as six times across the USA, coast to coast and border to border. In 2005, he bicycled from the Arctic Circle, Norway to Athens, Greece. He presents “The Coming Population Crisis in America: and what you can do about it” to civic clubs, church groups, high schools and colleges. He works to bring about sensible world population balance at

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As a mature-aged student who missed out on an opportunity to go to university when younger, I enrolled at university and accepted that I would pay HECS fees and that we didn't have to pay interests. To my horror, I find that there is no interest to pay, but there is an index, really an interest under another name, and the amount continues to accummulate! I have no hope to pay back this huge amount, $23,000 +, and it is continuing to rise! I will just have to make sure I die without assets!
Young people are prevented from a university education because of massive HECS fees, and this includes TAFE now in Victoria. Places are short because due to the over crowding of courses by international full-fee paying students. Youth Allowance is limited too, so it depends on parental generosity.
Our educational institutions are back doors to residence in Australia, and our high immigration program is partly justified by "skills shortages"! Why don't our own young people get opportunities?
Our ANZACS fought patriotically for Australia, but the Australia they would have known is not the culture we have now. We do not even have a shared common history or culture any more. Globalisation is giving minority groups power of the majority, and our values have been fragmented, yet most people are totally oblivious and kept busy with their own life quests. What does the RSL have to say?

"Our educational institutions are back doors to residence in Australia, and our high immigration program is partly justified by "skills shortages"! Why don't our own young people get opportunities?"

I recommend you track down a copy of a book entitled The Howard Legacy: Displacement of Traditional Australia from the Professional and Managerial Classes by Dr Peter Wilkinson.

In the book, the author examines how Australia's federal immigration policies, in particular the policy of granting of permanent residency to full fee-paying foreign students who complete a degree in Australia, is effectively depriving native-born Australians of what should be their birth right - access to the educational institutions that their forebears founded and financed.

According to Wilkinson:

Australian politics has a set of largely unspoken bipartisan beliefs and policy directions whereby:

• We believe that our own citizens do not have sufficient innate ability to make Australia a prosperous knowledge economy, so we need immigrants of high cognitive ability.

• We can skimp on educating our own children and compensate by bringing in immigrants with the advanced education which is necessary for the knowledge economy.

• Even better, they must pay for that education in Australia, so that the government can cut grants to the universities for educating Australians.

• We are comfortable with letting the children of recently arrived immigrants have unfettered access to our premium schools and universities, displacing children of long standing Australians from the prestige universities and the lucrative professions.

• We are not concerned that universities discriminate against Australian students by lowering the standard for overseas students, who can then apply for a visa on the basis of the conceded pass.

• We are comfortable with introducing an economy dominant ethnic minority at the expense of long established families.

• We are not concerned that the combination of the economy dominant Chinese and increasing trade pressures will place Australia under the influence of superpower China rather than the USA.


Thanks for your thoughtful contribution to this core national issue.

I am an advocate for birth rights having precedence in shaping any nation's direction. Moreso indigenous rights deserve the ultimate precedence, as indeed England has recently realised and as let in blood in Peru. 'Charity begins at home' and 'think global act local' remain two fundamental aphorisms that should underpin any nation's policies respect for its national values.

Yes, our own young people deserve opportunities. We must realise that we are competing in the global village that has become all the rage yet equally all the threat. If we leave our lifestyle to global markets and treat global demand as a numbers game, Australia like all smaller nations will be directed by the most populous nations. On this basis, China and India seem destined to impose their cultures over less populous nations. Utilitarianism is wrongly overruling local rights.

This is not a racial issue. It is about preserving and establishing a national competitive advantage in a climate of globalisation.

The problem is that legacies of lost opportunities and of staged national decline have been ignored as like a 'pass the parcel' game in Australia's population policy - but if only we had one. In our first world society in 2009, Australia can only muster an 'immigration policy' - a narrow subset of what ought to be a population policy. Population drives all social policies, yet it is ignored. A national 'SUSTAINABLE POPULATION POLICY' [SPP] in Australia would indicate our federal government actually acknowledge the serious implications and costs allowing uncontrolled, undirected population growth has on all of its other policies. Long term, the implications for Australia, with its laisse faire neglectful approach, is heading towards decending toward a second world society - a class society like New Zealand has become.

Complacency is a big enemy facing Australia and then we go and spend $26 billion on defence. On Australia's population policy, Prime Minister Rudd's lack of interest, direction and policy on population is as dangerous as Neville Chamberlain's policy void that failed to recognise the threats of World War II.
We are subject to 'immigration in our time' and witnessing systemic incapacity of all state infrasructure and public services to cope. Meanwhile Rudd opens the Ruddgates and justifies to himself - aint I a Christain samaritarian for doing so? Who can fault myselfless gesture?

If only Australian politicians had an appreciation of the 'long term' concept, i.e beyond the election cycle. Australia's immigration is controlled at federal level under the Australian Government's Department of Immigration and Citizenship and like all governments they have given it an acronym. Visit:

What is conspicuous by its omission is any information on immigration policy, planning, objectives, let alone the holistic leadership concept of population policy.

What is disturbing in the light of all levels of government in Australia, except those few extremely dense highrise councils like Sydney CBD, is that the growing population demand is not being met by public infrastructure and services. Worse is that as one heads farther bush, the public infrastructure and services vanish, as if the original Australians and the original Australia has less value than the newcomers to the cities. If one examines government funding distribution of public infrastructure and services it is all about looking after the cities. Government cost accountants favour this because they apply the utilisation test where in cities more resources are benefiting more people living close together. The unit cost of service provision is always lowest in highrise CBDs. They feed this metric to the incumbent overstretched polly who happens to be in power and it becomes policy and in NSW, a principle of the 'State Plan' which drives every NSW government decision.

Go to Rudd's 2020 Summit on immigration policy initiatives at The focus on population and immigration was watered down at this summit swamped by inadequate time and smothered beneath other popular issues like CLIMATE CHANGE, WATER, SUSTAINABILITY, CITIES and YOUTH SUMMIT.

In fact, the only reference at Rudd's summit to 'population policy' was under the sub-heading 'Disagreements', where a need for, and the direction of, a population target was mentioned. A mention is as good as this central issue got.

"What is conspicuous by its omission is any information on immigration policy, planning, objectives, let alone the holistic leadership concept of population policy."

I would argue that the Federal government does have a de facto population policy - bring in as many people as quickly as possible. It is an unspoken policy rarely enunciated in public. Aware that ongoing mass immigration is generally unpopular with the Australian public, federal politicians on both sides of the political divide have assiduously avoided developing an open policy by means of electoral and other consultative mechanisms, preferring instead to devise immigration policy behind closed doors. Immigration policy is conducted as if it were none of the general public's business.

Such an approach has allowed successive federal governments to avoid explaining why they believe Australia needs to be running one of the largest, if not the largest, per capita immigration programmes in the world.

If Australia was to have an open and honest debate about immigration and population, I am certain the case against ongoing immigration-driven population growth would prevail. As far as I can see, there is no convincing justification - economic or otherwise - for the ridiculously high levels of immigration that successive federal governments have inflicted on this country. For the general Australian public, mass immigration brings much pain with little gain. It drives down wages, pushes up the cost of housing, strains our public infrastructure and services, worsens urban congestion, increases our national carbon emissions, exacerbates our water scarcity problems, leads to the clearing of more land for urban sprawl, adds to our national current account deficit, undermines social cohesion, erodes our shared sense of nationhood, and seriously degrades our quality of life in general.

The sooner the issues of immigration and population are brought out into the public domain, the sooner Australia can work toward implementing an immigration and population policy which actually serves the national interest.

The wealthy use immigrants to break their countrymen's ability to command a working wage. If you object to this, you are called a racist. They say Australians won't do the work. Of course not! And neither will the immigrants child. Are you going to immigrate the entire labor force every 20 years.?

After the immigrants arrive, they are at low wages, pay little or nothing in taxes and demand full social benefit. You subsidize these immigrants and dilute your own benefits. Your corrupt politicians may even ask you to provide subsidized housing for "low income families". Don't do it. You are simply subsidizing greedy employers and ruining you own opportunities for meaningful employment. If you force the immigrants to demand a living wage watch how quickly greedy employers loose interest. Watch how the money flows. The greedy get the money and the politicians pass the burden on to the taxpayers.

It's all over the world news about Aussie women now working as prostitutes in record numbers to get by. How gutless can Aussies get? Does anything matter to you? Stand up to your politicians and their backdoor lobbyists.

(My emphasis - JS)

"After the immigrants arrive, they are at low wages, pay little or
nothing in taxes and demand full social benefit."

Immigration is essentially a form of 'lemon socialism' in which the costs
are socialised while the benefits are privatised. It provides huge
indirect subsidies to certain industries in the form of more consumers and
cheap labour, but imposes a significant burden on the wider population.
It is certainly true that immigration places downward pressure on wages;
indeed, it is impossible to argue otherwise.
And, yes, immigrants also place pressure on public infrastructure and
services without having contributed anything to the cumulative
intergenerational investment that gone into building up such
infrastructure and services.

There is also the impact of immigration on housing costs and our national
balance of payments - both major issues here in Australia.

Posted on behalf of RD. - JS

If a broad spectrum of the Australian population on a wide geographic basis received an unnoticeable small number of migrants, irrespective of origin that were committed to assimilation and that this was carefully planned by government over an extended period time, so that assimilation was seamless, then immigration wouldn't probably be seen as a problem.

But extremism with any policy, like mass accelerated immigration, as per the current Rudd Experiment is likely to have consequences and as we are experiencing, is.

Rudd' immigration experiment is extremist and it is turning a very tolerant society into an intolerant one.

I think that APop hoisted SPA and Tim Flannery on their own petard by coming out with calls for a population policy for a BIG population, with incredibly high immigration. This has come to pass with continuous lobbying by members of the Growth Lobby and Kevin Rudd's summit came out and said that they wanted to have a certain population in 2020 - and gave the Citizens - as opposed to the paid-up lobby groups - NO SAY AT ALL in the matter.

It was certainly a laugh to hear Mr Rudd claiming in China that Australia has a 'robust democracy'. Nothing of the sort.
Here is where our Federal population policy comes from Scanlon report underpins threat to Australian democracy. But there are also State population policies, which you can read about here: Melbourne 2008: Life in a destruction zone Check out 'Growth Lobby' in our 'site tags' for a group of other articles on this theme.

Sheila Newman, population sociologist
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RD, I am unable to order "The Howard Legacy" through the link you have posted. I have added the book to my shopping cart, but can't see how to proceed to the checkout, that is, when I use the (Apple) Safari browser.

When I use Firefox, it complains that my browser doesn't allow cookies, when it has been set to allow cookies, so I can't even reach first base.

Can you help?

Can you suggest how i might otherwise get a copy?

Thank you.

Might I suggest contacting Digital Print directly via e-mail?

Otherwise, you can order the book directly from the author. For more information, see here.

Hope this helps.

Frosty writes, "Australians must ask themselves if they wish to import the poor of the world to become the new entrenched poor of Oz". He is in error to say that we are importing the poor of the world. The growth lobby which drives the high immigration in Australia targets the well-off and well-qualified. Australia is not, in fact, importing a new poor strata; it is importing an international rich class and that class is part of the making of a new disenfranchised, poorly housed, casually employed, class, composed largely of people born here.

The reason that the growth lobby imports rich people is because it wants to create competition for land, housing, water and power - the things it invests in for private profit.

In the US a large part of the incoming diaspora is from central and South America - notably Mexico - and most of those people are poor. In Australia poor immigrants are mostly a thing of the past. The only stream of poor people now coming permanently to Australia are the refugee and asylum stock - an insignificant proportion of the vast numbers of 'cash cows' currently entering this country, sponsored by big shopping centers (at a cost), by hospitals wanting doctors and nurses, infrastructure engineering firms in the business of building roads etc and the construction and mining sectors.

There are many things wrong with this traffic from the point of view of the immigrants too. They are 'shaken down' by entrepreneurs wanting them to finance projects; they are shaken down by financiers looking for projects to finance. How? Because the immigrant is after permanent status, whereas the financier is out to screw a victim.

As for the exploitation of foreign students and the displacement of local students at the universities - who also invest in land and housing for students - it is indeed shameful.

Sheila Newman, population sociologist.
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