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Let it lie, Labor

So Opposition Leader Turnbull was duped, hoaxed, hoodwinked, humiliated, shamed, "taken for a ride" by Treasury official Grech and the forged OzCar memo.

Instead of wasting media minutes, your effort, and my (taxpayer's) money calling for Turnbull's head, focus instead on establishing reasonable policies to help our country move toward a more
sustainable life style.

Your short-term gains of one measly politician's head does little to help this great country you profess to adore. It merely consumes air-time for your self-laudatory sound-bites, and it rings as hollow as when the Opposition wasted their time and our tax-dollars abusing
you and yours.

I don't elect you to score points; I elect you to lead this country.

Let Turnbull face his own constituency and party wearing his gullibility; that's embarrassment enough.

And stop resting on your barely-earned laurels, cease playing games, and start leading. I've been waiting, and I'm not happy.

Judy Bamberger,
O'Connor ACT
bamberg [AT]