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Urban and regional population growth - public forums now in Victoria

To avert catastrophy we need to try everything possible.

Forums happening now!

These potentially crucial forums have been very poorly publicised by the Victorian Government.
We have a report from a community activist who went to one. She said there were about 70 professionals and bureaucrats - all in the population growth as business mode, and thinks that she was the ONLY community representative there.

Although the government has shown itself to be untrustworthy and dishonest on matters of public consultation about how its policies drive population growth, if you can get to one of these 'forums', please do. Quite often there are business people there who are so isolated from the real impacts of their decisions that they are actually willing to listen to some feedback and may then question the modus operandi and the values of the lobby groups which 'represent' their sectors and their 'opinions'. Like the rest of the public, they may actually have been taken in by what the mainstream press misrepresents as public opinion.

So try to get along to one. Take something to hand out if you can. Consider printing out a relevant article from if you have nothing else.

Remember that population growth threatens every aspect of life and democracy in Victoria and Australia. We cannot sustain it. Our systems are already breaking up.

Here is the ""
link to the relevant internet page on the website of the Victorian Dept of Planning and Community Services which tells you of coming Urban and Regional forums, as below:

"Department of Planning & Community Development is hosting a series of forums across Victoria during September, October and November to present the story behind the Victoria in Future numbers.

This is a DPCD in the community event, during each forum attendees will be given an opportunity to consider and discuss the implications of the population projections and provide any thoughts and comments."

For enquiries -
Nicola McCracken, Communications and Administration Officer
Department of Planning and Community Development
Telephone 9208 3699 Fax 9208 3335 (during business hours)

You will be told that the population growth will happen and we must accommodate it. Tell them that you know the government is encouraging it and that you don't buy it. Tell them that you have a right to veto such a damaging policy and that it has already gone too far. Tell them that the business sectors have to learn to contain their greed and to maintain what we have rather than to push for overshoot.

Good luck!