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Film: Interview with Tony Boys, Northern Japan, on Nuclear Disaster 27 March 2011

See also Tony's article on "Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster - A personal story about the next 100 years of human history"

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This film signals the beginning of a major campaign to say No to Nukes that Tony Boys is launching from his farm in the nuclear hot-spot that beautiful ancient Japan has become. He asks the rest of the world to take notice and try to prevent more situations like this. He wants no new nuclear plants to be built and for current reactors to be phased out within their pre-set time. In the film he also discusses democracy, population growth, and a future without plentiful petroleum or plentiful nuclear power.

There is more footage where we discuss arable land in Japan and some options that might be available but I do not have the time to edit this yet.

Hopefully things will not deteriorate too much further in Japan and we will have more articles from Tony.

Sorry about the crackling sound; the interview was done on a computer linked phone.


The interest of Tony Boys in helping the public to self-educate is right up my alley. The proposal for action touched upon below would involve the Governor of California (U.S.A.) -- on his/her own media outlet (unedited) -- repeatedly, vigorously and creatively addressing the issues which are dear to Tony Boys' heart, which are of collective concern worldwide. Unilaterally, the Governor of California COULD -- as Head of the Regents of the University of California system -- terminate ALL NUCLEAR RESEARCH... in a number of different ways... legally and nonviolently. THAT would send out ripples worldwide, and inspire others to do the same, or to join hands in a new kind of solidarity. ON THAT NOTE I ASK ONE AND ALL TO READ WHAT'S BELOW HERE, SOME OF WHICH WILL BE REPETITIOUS, BUT WORTHWHILE, I BELIEVE. Thanks, Ric

Below is something I sent to the powers-that-be of this site earlier today. I am looking forward to receiving a response from anyone, however, who is interested in discussing our proposal for action which follows a new paradigm. It is centered in California, but -- clearly -- its implementation/success would stand to send out positive ripples worldwide. In short, since the two mainstream parties are worthless for our collective purposes, and since ALL third parties are permanently marginalized... and since we want to embrace something that is essentially legal and nonviolent... we are turning to the electoral arena in California... to secure significant reins of power which are NOT dependent on career politicians. And so... we want to have 12 unaffiliated, nonpolitician citizens serving as Governor of California in lieu of having another self-serving careerist at the helm in 2014. As per the articles recommended below... a Guv of CA can UNILATERALLY transform life in the state and beyond overnight. Details upon request. Blessings in solidarity, Your Oxman in Clear Lake, California at the moment

I appreciate your efforts and accomplishments. As per your Mission Statement... we are aligned sufficiently to move in solidarity together. I have a plan for action which carries the imprimaturs of the late Howard Zinn and many high profile figures worldwide. Please glance at my background at the archived ("About Us"), and then google "Documenting Ourselves to Death" and/or "Unilaterally, Virtually Overnight, Legally and Nonviolently...." together with That should get us started; quick glances at other pieces posted on the site might help too; the 'Arundhati' article? Please confirm receipt of this and, if you will, tell me about yourself and your primary priorities at present IN TERMS OF ACTION. Blessings in solidarity, Your Oxman

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Thanks for your message. It's been a year since the disaster (as of yesterday) and so nearly a year since that video was made. Things have changed, a little, but have not really gotten any better apart from the fact that we are still here and still alive.

Should I be reading something "below" that is a document describing a proposal for action? I am not sure whether I am seeing it or not(!).

Personally, any action that does not involve my immediate death would be welcome. Although there is a certain amount of action in Japan, if you've ever seen a mosquito bounce off a B52 bomber in mid-flight you'll know how much of an effect the "action" here is having on the Japanese establishment. The nuclear circus continues to roll on here without a great deal of thought about what the population of the country wants, or even why it is here except to act as a labour force for those who have the power to make use of it. I have suggested that 5 million people armed with agricultural implements (as a kind of symbolism of something) turn up in front of the parliament in Tokyo to see if that might have some kind of effect on the folks within, but so far I'm not getting anywhere with it. (That's not for lack of anger, I can assure you, but more likely from the remaining presence of hope that the pre-2008 (?) society can still be revived. Guess we'll have to wait a while for the hope to dissipate.) Meanwhile, I look forward to knowing more about what you propose.

As a final note, I got so pissed off with some people's ideas about how human/social happiness can be achieved that I wrote this thing here: The Realization of Human Happiness which appears to be S-O-O-O far off everyone's mental radar screens that I can't even get half a dozen responses for it. I would appreciate it very much indeed if you could take a look and let me know whether you think I am completely bananas or not. Thank you!