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Sydney Residents Against Coal Seam Gas Announcement

Sydney Residents Against Coal Seam Gas Mining is a grass-roots organisation fighting to save the environment of Sydney and the rest of NSW from being irrevocably damaged. For more information on how to fight the menace of coal seam gas mining, read this article, or visit their web site at For those not yet aware of the threat that coal seam gas mining poses to them and to their children please see the movie Gaslands or view the 4 Corners documentary The Gas Rush of 21 Feb 11.

This article has been adapted from an e-mail I received from Sydney Residents Against Coal Seam Gas. - Editor

From: info [ AT ]
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2011

Time is Running out!!

Submissions to the NSW on their Coal and Gas Strategy are due shortly (Friday 15th April). Submissions are important, no matter how small. The recent success of submissions against the plans for the revitalisations of Marrickville Metro are proof that it is worth taking the time to put pen to paper or fingertip to keyboard.

The scoping document can be found here (pdf, 210K at )

Several community meetings have been attended/or hosted by members of Sydney Residents against Coal Seam Gas. We are now planning screenings of Gaslands in Marrickville, Parramatta and possibly Auburn. Let us know if you can help.

Hope to see all of you on Wednesday 13th April, St Peters Town Hall to learn about City of Sydney's plan for Trigeneration.

See over there >> for opportunities to help!
info [ AT ]
nocsginsydney [ AT ]

Upcoming Events


Meeting: City of Sydney Trigeneration Plans versus Renewables

Wednesday 13th April 6:30pm

St Peters Town Hall, Unwin's Bridge Rd

The gas company has cited City of Sydney’s plans for a trigeneration network as the need for the St Peters gas well. Come along to hear the CEO of City of Sydney to talk about Trigeneration. We will also hear from Beyond Zero Emissions about renewable energy. RSVP to this event on Facebook.

Online Submission


Friday 15th April

Last chance for submissions to the NSW Government:

If you would like a copy of our submission to help you write yours contact info [ AT ]

Other ways to get involved


Suggest Coal Seam Gas as an ‘Insight’ topic:

Vote for our Getup Campaign Suggestion

Go to

... and click on the ‘Blog’ Tab, then Campaign Suggestions. Stop the Fracking Coal Seam Industry is listed in the Environment Group

Support 100% renewable energy for Australia:

Talk to your friends and neighbours and encourage action.

Let your Minister of Parliament (MP) and local Council know that you oppose coal seam gas mining in your neighbourhood.

Volunteer as a suburb based letterbox co-ordinator, or to help letterbox drop in your neighbourhood. Contact info [ AT ]
Learn more

Check out ABC 4 Corners Documentary 'The GAS RUSH'

Click here.

If you belong to a community or social group ...

You can contact info [ AT ] and ask for a SRACSG member to come and talk with your group.

Write about coal seam gas mining on other web-sites and blogs

Web sites may include:,,,
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