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Newcastle group to act against coal exports

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Community walk-in against coal exports

Saturday 8th December - International day of action against climate change

11am, Kooragang Island wind turbine

Transport help available

What will happen?

We will meet at 11am at the Kooragang Island wind turbine, and you'll be offered a pen and paper and encouraged to write a letter pledging to do what you can to prevent the expansion of coal exports from Newcastle. We will then undertake a colourful protest parade across the site of the proposed new coal terminal for Newcastle to the site of the existing Kooragang coal terminal. We will attempt to walk-in on the coal terminal, to present our pledges. If you decide not to attempt the walk-in, you can read your pledge out on a microphone, and peg it to the fence of the coal loader. You can come to the walk-in without getting in trouble with the police.

Why protest coal exports?

Coal exports are Australia's biggest contribution to climate change. The greenhouse pollution from our coal exports is greater than all of our domestic greenhouse pollution combined - every power station, vehicle, steel mill, and landclearing operation. Worse still, with the world facing a climate crisis, Australia's coal exports are undergoing a massive expansion. Newcastle - already the world's biggest exporter - is set to double its coal exports. As the new Australian government heads to Bali for the UN climate talks, we need to point out that any realistic solution to climate change must include a transition away from coal. We can start with a ban on new coal exports and power stations.

What is the International Day of Action about?

On the 8th December protests all around the world will take place to demand that world leaders meeting at the UN climate talks in Bali "take the urgent and resolute action that is needed to prevent the catastrophic destabilisation of global climate, so that the entire world can move as rapidly as possible to a stronger emissions reductions treaty which is both equitable and effective in preventing dangerous climate change. We also demand that the long-industrialised countries that have emitted most greenhouse gases up to now take most of the responsibility for the adaptive measures that have to be taken, especially by low-emitting countries with limited economic resources."

This protest is part of the global day of action.

What do I need to bring?

  • Parade props of your choice - drums, noise-makers, placards, banners, flags, etc
  • Water
  • Sun protection

How do I get there?

  • The Newcastle Bicycle Ecology Centre is leading a bike-ride to the protest. You can find out more on their website.
  • Rising Tide is organising a car-pool from Newcastle. If you have space, or want space, in a car, please get in touch.
  • If you are making your own way there, this map , and this map, may help you.

Contact: (02) 4926 1641

Make a donation to Rising Tide

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"Cleaner" coal? Something that is a carbon emitting fossil fuel can't inherently be "cleaner"! It doesn't "help the environment" and nor do we want its "longevity". The "green house effect" is what we want to avoid. The energy lobby has lots of interests in extending this industry. Beyond Zero Emissions have a viable plan to to 100% renewable in 10 years, and after that it will be free. However, this is not what is desirable economically.
The coal portal has exposed their contradictory position.