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British journalist set up by insurgents to be killed by Syrian government forces

On 9 June Russia Today reported how Alex Thomson, the Chief Channel 4 News correspondent accused Syrian insurgents of having deliberately set him up to be killed by Assad government forces.

The embedded broadcast included the following testimony from Alex Thomson:

We were deliberately led out of that town a way which ... the rebels knew was dangerous. We were led there in a car full of four men, two of whom were armed. They told us to go down a route which looked dangerous to us, but we trusted them and we said that we would go down the road and turn. We turned and found the road was blocked. That was a roadblock that they had to have known was there. There was nobody around and at that point we were forced to ... turn the vehicle around in a free fire zone and one round was duly fired. We were definitely exposed to a dangerous situation and I am in no doubt that they did it deliberately. My point is that dead journalists are bad for Damascus. Now that's going to reflect all the way to Moscow and all the way to Beijing. ... You don't have to be very clever to work out that the death of any journalists at the hands of the Syrian Army are going to be an appalling blow again for president Assad. So the motivation for the rebels to pull as stunt like that seems to be very obvious.

See also: Syrian rebels tried to get reporter killed in anti-Assad propaganda bid of 9 June on RT, VIDEO: US-NATO "Humanitarian Intervention" in Syria: Towards a Regional War? on GRTV- by Michel Chossudovsky of 8 June, New Round of Civilian Massacres: US-UN Maneuvers Against Syria Upon Baseless Activist Hearsay
of 8 June by Tony Cartalucci on Global Research.

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