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New Video from new YouTube Channel: "May Syria Prevail"

Below is embedded a new video entitled "May Syria Prevail". It was posted only 6 hours ago by a new YouTube channel, NEO Journal Media. I was made aware of it as a result of Tony Cartalucci (aka "Land Destroyer") posting it to his web-site and posting about it to Twitter. In spite of the appalling tragedy suffered by Syrians since 2011, the video is optimistic and uplifting.

For refusing to submit to surrender its sovereignty to the International Monetary Fund, Syria has found itself in the cross-hairs of the ruling criminals in the United States and their Australian and European puppets. An estimated 140,000 Syrians have died since March 2011 resisting hordes of invading foreign terrorists from all corners of the Arab and Muslim world as well as from Europe and Australia. These terrorists have been armed and supplied and paid for by the United States and its allies.

The role of Australia under the rule of the current Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his 'Labor' predecessor, Kevin Rudd, has been particularly heinous. The Demographics Section of the Wikipedia entry on Syria, states:

According to the World Refugee Survey 2008, published by the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, Syria hosted a population of refugees and asylum seekers numbering approximately 1,852,300. The vast majority of this population was from Iraq (1,300,000), but sizable populations from the former Palestine (543,400) and Somalia (5,200) also lived in the country.(emphasis added)

One million, three hundred thousand refugees fled into Syria from Iraq as a result of two illegal wars and years of sanctions which deprived sick Iraqi children of medicine and deprived starving Iraqi children of food as described by former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark in this interview of 17 Sep 2013.

Syria should rightly demand many millions of dollars compensation for all the trouble and expense Syria went to in order to care for the victims of war crimes by Australia and its allies. Instead, Syria also found itself the target of sanctions and then a proxy terrorist war. In May 2012, as Syria was desperately fighting to defend itself, 'Labor' Foreign Minister Bob Car expelled the Syrian Ambassador on the pretext of the fraudulent claim that the Syrian Army had massacred supporters of the Syrian Government at Houla.

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Thank you for your article and this vid, Admin.
It comes from an interesting new political news-source, New Eastern Outlook, NEO NEO. The music is great - but can't find a reference to who writes and sings it. It also uses words from Charlie Chaplin's speech - the Great Dictator, of which I embed a video here (Please see Editorial Comment below. – Ed):

In it the speaker says that he does not want to be an emperor and I am reminded of how Napoleon, so poorly reputed in the anglosphere, put in place the seeds of a much better democracy in the European countries he ruled than anything we have in Australia, the US, Britain, Canada, New Zealand.

The footage in the "May Syria Prevail" video comes from in-battle filming and is pro-Syrian government, which points out how it is now winning the war and will continue to fight as long as the Syrian people support it, which it seems that they manifestly do.

"Had the Syrian people backed this uprising, it would have ended three years ago." (quote from video).

With the growth lobby dictatorship growing its shock doctrine in Australia we need external messaging sources and conveyors. Tony Abbott's intention to prevent public servants from exercising basic democratic and human rights to communicate on self-government, even anonymously, is one more bad, bad sign that cannot be ignored. Ways must be found around this.

I have several articles in the pipeline on Syria and the impact of war in sending refugees to Australia, but am currently processing final stages of a book, so cannot attend to much on at the moment.

Editorial comment: At face value, the above film clip appears to depict very favourably the monstrous Nazi dictator that the film is supposed to be a parody of. 'Hitler' is arguing against everything that the real Adolf Hitler stood for.
To properly appreciate the video clip it is necessary to understand the plot of The Great Dictator. As the Wikipedia entry explains, the character making the speech is not Hitler (played by Charlie Chaplin and named 'Adenoid Hynkel' in the film), but an un-named Jewish baker (also played by Chaplin), who, because of his appearance, is mistaken by the Nazi organisers of a public rally for Adenoid Hynkel.
Wikipedia continues: "The barber then makes a rousing speech, reversing Hynkel's antisemitic policies and declaring that Tomainia (Germany) and Osterlich (Austria) will now be a free nation and a democracy. He calls for humanity in general to break free from dictatorships and use science and progress to make the world better instead." The text of the speech by 'Adenoid Hynkel' can be found here.