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Len Warfe challenges Gospel truth according to The Age

This letter, which expresses concern about the dominance among the power elite of one religion in Australia, was not published by the Age. We publish it here for your information. Comments and discussion welcome.

From: Len Warfe
Sent: Tuesday, 22 April 2014 11:05 AM
Subject: Gospel truth

Dear Editor

I trust you will publish this letter in order to provide a countervailing view to those which dominate the media on this subject.

‘Gospel truth, Catholics come to power’ (Sunday Age 20/4) should raise concerns with the majority of Australians who are not Roman Catholic. The disproportionate numbers is not just the luck of the draw on the ballot paper, but has been carefully planned by the Vatican to subvert the Australian government and to have their right wing policies implemented. How demeaning to read that Abbot, Turnbull and Hockey all grovelled to a Jesuit priest to help determine which one of them would lead the Liberal Parity.

The same process is occurring in the ALP. Bill Shorten consulted a Jesuit priest before deciding to support Kevin Rudd instead of Julia Gillard for PM. Indeed, all parliamentary parties now have Roman Catholic leaders, as well as the Office of the Governor General and Attorney General, dominating the affairs of this country. The public policy impact of having so many Catholic ministers rolling out their antediluvian policies and attitudes is clear. The rush to sell off Medibank for ideological reasons and the destruction of other government assets, many being handed over to religious organisations to run on behalf of government speaks volumes about the dominating anti-socialist view of a government whose view is synchronised with the Vatican.

For decades the Catholic Church has committed unspeakable crimes against our youth, and has been able to conceal these crimes because of the lack of action from Catholic dominated parliaments. It took an atheist female PM to shine a great big light into that dark corner. The ALP found it necessary in the 1950s to purge Catholics from the Party. It is now time for the Coalition to clean out their Augean stables.

Len Warfe