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Housing affordability crisis driven by demand-side factors

"Address population growth, tax concessions and foreign buyers." (Sustainable Population Party). The federally registered Sustainable Population Party says Australia’s housing affordability crisis is largely driven by demand-side factors, rather than supply-side issues. The party will take its message to the street at upcoming auctions across Melbourne, including The Block Auction on Sunday October 11.

William Bourke, President of the Sustainable Population Party comments on Australia’s housing affordability crisis, and the activities of the Party to tackle this problem, which included large Melbourne auction visits and a Senate enquiry submission into affordable housing (submission 89). The Population Party submission emphasises that the Australian Government’s policy goal must be to stabilise real estate prices. It argues that:

· Population growth is the primary driver of real estate (land value) inflation.
· Speculative investment has amplified its effect but would not sustain price rises without population growth.
· Investors don’t generate more supply because investors need tenants.
· The entire economy suffers from expensive housing.

In particular, the Sustainable Population Party is calling on the Australian Government to help stabilise house prices through the following measures:

• Reduce population growth in Australia.
• End foreign non-resident purchase of Australian real estate.
• Removing the discounting of capital gains tax on investment properties.

“Sustainable Population Party is redefining growth to secure a prosperous economy, healthy
environment and better quality of life for all Australians. A better quality of life includes more
affordable, well-planned and desirable housing,” said William Bourke, President of the Sustainable
Population Party.

“Australia should achieve greater housing affordability and opportunities for first home buyers and
renters. In particular, the Australian Governments needs to tackle population growth, tax
concessions and foreign buyers in order to bring back the great Australian dream.

It is pleasing to now see John Symond and Paul Sheehan join us in identifying population growth policies as being at the heart of Australia’s housing affordability crisis,” said Mr. Bourke.

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I will submit a more details report, but the activism went ahead with about 7 or so members of the Sustainable Population Party.

As I had mentioned in "The housing market and the death of Australia", it is time for Australians to take more direct action, and that one method is to undermine the market by trying to give a clear 'price signal' that the market is indeed well past overheated (the property market, due to low volume of sales, as opposed to stock, is resistant to price signals from within the market).

The crowd wasn't as large as the open for inspection, but sizeable anyway. We were able to hand out flyers to the attendees, potential buyers and to the voluminous pedestrian traffic passing by. As to whether this will be mentioned elsewhere, that remains to be seen (whatever media there was, would have been inside).

All in all, worthwhile, and I endeavour to continue this experiment at regular auctions and open for inspections, in particular, those where people who would be most affected by "mortgage stress" and have most to lose would be attending.

Foreign investors buying up our houses and building towers - Is that what we want?

Take a look at this article about how Chinese investors are pushing into Melbourne and Sydney and see how few countries there are where we are allowed to buy houses Yet we are selling ours to the highest bidder and the rules are ignored. Write to Kelly O’Dwyer MP as she is looking into it. Email Kelly.O' This has to be stopped.

It is frightening to think that Australians, will have to pay a foreign national, and a foreign bank (and in the case of China, quite possibly a foreign government), to live in Australia.

I don't understand this. This is a significant loss of sovereignty. The faith in "Globalisation" and in "International Harmony" is what makes this acceptable, as if somehow, foreign nationals are good global citizens who will care about us and place the interests of other nationals above the interests of their own...

Bulldust. I don't trust the Chinese at all, not because I think China is innately evil or malicious, but because we are too starry eyed, ideologically blind and hopelessly naive, and no longer even have the capability of understanding how other cultures other than western ones think. Because of this lack of understanding, we are ripe for exploitation. The same goes for Canada, the USA, all other nations.

I foresee a future where foreign security forces may have to bar Australians entry to sections of Australia, where we have essentially lost a war, because we were too damn stupid to see it being fought right in front of our face. A competition in which there were innumerable Australian traitors and turncoats. The media and mainstream politicians dismiss these ideas as rubbish, as nonsense, but it is their ignorance, and their willingness to turn against their nation and sell out which leads them to such attitudes, not reasoned thought and historical perspective.


I find your fears plausible, but I don't see it as a product of 'we', i.e. most Australians.
(As you know) I think we have been disorganised by the mainstream media and government, which claim to speak on behalf of us all, but simply purvey an alien ideology of population growth, globalism, land speculation, selling off public assets...

Most Australians I meet are really worried - from every walk of life except a few assured positions of wealth who actually benefit from what is happening, and whose interests are not served by confronting the situation. So, most Australians are really worried, but they have been disorganised. There are few opportunities for Australians to communicate with each other and find out where they agree and there are no community venues anymore - like mechanics halls, community halls, local football, other sports - where people who grew up together can get together on a regular basis and talk like adults and citizens. Instead you have local councils or state governments charging for meeting space and organising 'on our behalf' events where we are expected to sit passively and watch 'the real people' tell it like they want us to believe it is.

At work the old industries have been disorganised too. They have dwindled. The public service has been fragmented and privatised. The unions have difficulty entering. The laws don't make it easy for unions to do much for people. New industries have all kinds of ways of isolating people through 'competition' and secrecy.

And some people are so brainwashed that they think that you are only a real person entitled to an opinion if you appear on tv or are elected to parliament. And then an awful lot of people work too hard, commute too long, have fractured family lives due to stressors, and must be obsessed by debt and insecurity.

I suppose that the increasingly bad treatment of unemployed people is a way of keeping them occupied and frightened so that they are less likely to go to the library and start reading up on political systems and meeting up and evolving.

And the people in charge just tighten the screws.

And fabricate perpetual war.

I am sure that Australians would have a revolution if they could communicate. As long as most believe that what they hear on tv or radio is what Australians really think, they will be isolated and unable to act.

Meanwhile our country fills up with newcomers who have no loyalty to our situation and who are used to further divide us through 457 visas and gated enclaves in our once familiar suburbs. It is nothing short of an invasion orchestrated by members of parliament.



With Australians now awakening that the Globalising Money Changers agenda of “open for business” in an “Asian Century” means mass unemployment, poverty, and dispossession, through our resources and assets pillaged for foreigners, and our communities saturated by 457 visa scabs, swarms of alien Third World immigrants and fake refugees, - a GREAT PROPHET from our heritage foretold of these troubles, and of the path to a future free from such a traitor class.


"I tell you that highway robbery is only in its infancy, for the white population is been driven out of the labour market by an inundation of Mongolians, and when the white man is driven to desperation there will be desperate times".
Ned Kelly, letter to Sir Henry Parkes


“For I need no lead or powder To revenge my cause
And if words be louder, I will oppose your laws".
Ned Kelly 1878.

AUSTRALIA FIRST PARTY stands unashamedly for Aussies in an “Australian Century”, rejecting Chinese Imperialism; and the Asian Graveyard/ Globalising pox of the Money Changers and their paid politicians; - an Australia of national self-
sufficiency, where our resources, manufacturing, and productive enterprise wealth is created, owned and shared by Australians to ensure quality of life, and where Aussies own culture and identity, the essential bond of our European derived civilisation and lifestyle flourishes.


National Contact Line 02 85870014

Australia First Party - Champions of a future
for the Australian People.

Yes, we need a new "Australian Century" not an "Asian Century" and dependance on China's new wealth! The desperation to internationalize our land, industries, population and properties will deny us jobs, wealth and our sovereignty. Patriotism is being diluted by Multiculturalism, and mass migration. For the Gillard government’s growing army of critics, the "Asian Century" white paper was yet another example of lofty rhetoric with little of substance committed to actually implementing policy. There was little recognition of finite resources, and environmental constraints.

Writing at a time when the White Australia policy remained in place, author Donald Horne believed that his compatriots needed to prepare themselves for a very different world. "My own view", he wrote, "is that the future holds dramatic possibilities for Australia which may necessarily include racial change, that this is Australia's 'destiny'."

"It is going to happen one way or the other. It is a task that will be undertaken either by Australians, or by someone else."

The Lucky Country is being diluted by poor leaders who happen to share its luck!

It's assumed that because Australia's population was based on immigration, our land is an infinite carrying capacity, and that once started, this policy can continue forever, quite justifiably.

[ editor: I did some reparagraphing below, to emphasise the concepts. I hope the author will forgive me.]

I would suggest that what is missing most of all, is the sense, or hold, of a continuous, organic society which is the product of community choices and development and individual reproductive choices, over that "society" which engineered from outside to achieve some technocratic and economic targets.

Patriotism without that deep sense of community is nothing more than shallow barracking for a "Team", hence why Abbott uses "Team Australia" (I note he didn't invent the term). Its a shallow interpretation of what a nation is. Australian needs first and foremost, not so much to wave the flag, wear "Love it or leave it", demanding "assimilation" from migrants, T-Shirts or mindless support anything "Australian", but to take back ownership over their own immediate environment and social and community spheres. It is a matter of people reasserting their sovereignty over their own nation, and placing this personal ownership at a higher level and viewing institutions, technocrats, plutocrats, even intellectuals and pundits as having diminished rights to steer the nation. This kind of "enlightened nationalism" is good, leads to prosperity and freedom, but the desire to do this can be easily usurped by those seeking to channel this into some statist, rule from top down structure.

As for the need to become Asianised to join the Asian Century, or be a regional player, or whatever, I've heard this before and it seems somewhat strange and morally quite hazardous.

It is one thing to oppose White Australia Policy on principles of not discriminating entrants based on race (though we seem to have no issue discriminating based on skills or wealth, which for many, is also a matter of birth), it is another to suggest that a population has a "problem" and needs diversity.

Note that I'm specifically referring to calls for a need of diversity, and not diversity in and of itself. The issue is that if one supposes that a nation or people can be improved by such means, then it must mean there is a corollary, that there is a problem which needs fixing, and this problem is ethnic/racial in nature (rather than say, political or cultural(cultural in the true sense, not the euphemistic sense).

And when we start accepting premises, such as what Donald Horne put forward, then this leads to supposing that a people perhaps should be made less prevalent for the state to proceed, which is eerily similar to the thought processes that go behind some genocides. Not that I'm suggesting that people are going to start killing to change Australia's make up, but there are many subtle cultural and political changes which can occur with this morality as its basis and I think people need to be on guard for these.

I think you express the problem and the solution well, Denis.