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Aleppo, Syria: 2nd-3rd July 2015 attacks - Please stop blaming the Syrian Government

ALEPPO, SYRIA: We didn't sleep all the night. The attacks of yesterday 2nd July started around afternoon and continued up till today 8:30 am 3rd July. They said that 3-4 civilians died, but 87 civilians injured. The ambulance voices didn't stop all night long. You had to hear the people over here in Aleppo. Aren't they Syrians? After all these years and after all these attacks on them and after they lost their income sources and family members, they are asking the Syrian army to terminate the terrorist attackers and their nests, which have become like cancer in Syria's body. They don't care if that termination happens by chemical weapons, bombs, or whatever.

Yet, around the world and in the mainstream media, they dare to demonize the Syrian Army with the so-called "barrel bombs" and refer to dead terrorists as peaceful moderate Syrian opposition who had been killed by dictator!

I don't swear, and I'm fasting this month, but that injustice is unlimited and makes me and many feel like we are going to explode with cursing and swearing against all that nonsense of people lecturing in conferences in Britain or people of the UN who have nothing to offer but lies and hypocrisy.

Our daytime maid, along with her sister and mother, spent the night in the bathroom, because it's the safest place in their house. They were crying and terrified by the "moderate peaceful opposition" as their house is located close to one of the conflict lines. But we can't bomb them because the "international community" will accuse the Syrian army of using their unprecedented super ultra weapon that is way stronger than a nuclear bomb: Barrel bombs!

The terrorists are using mortars, explosive bullets, cooking-gas cylinder bombs and water-warming long cylinder bombs, filled up with explosives and shrapnel and nails, in what they call "Hell Canon". (Google these weapons or see their YouTube clips.) The cooking-gas cylinder is made of steel, and it weighs around 25 kg. Imagine it thrown by a canon to hit civilians? And imagine knowing that it's full with explosives?... Yet, the media is busy with the legendary weapon of "barrel bombs"! They came to spread "freedom" among Syrians! How dare they say that Syrian army shouldn't fight them back?

For the first time last night, we smelled gunpowder. The shelling was so extreme to smell gunpowder in the air.
Results were nothing but new innocent victims. I mean, the terrorists failed in gaining new land, or occupying new buildings or quarters. They lost many of their "zombies", but they don't count, because they have no families or friends to weep on them, unlike civilians.

I apologize that I'm very upset, mostly not from the attackers and whoever is supporting them in Turkey over here (and Israel and Jordan in the south); but mainly from the liars in that conference in Britain or at the UN , who keep lying and lying, piles and tons of lies, about "freedom" and "barrel bombs" and live in their perfumed and ironed suits and ties, happy with their Ph.D. degrees in stupidity and fooling the world, having no problem in obtaining clean water, electricity, warm food, and all the other services that we here cannot rely on. Those people travel in 1st class airlines, and live in five-star hotels. They are always ready to appear on television to weep on the plight of the "Syrian people" and blame the "regime" while turning a blind eye upon all the terrorists they themselves are funding and supporting. I wish these people, whether they were Arabs or Westerns, Muslims or Christians, Syrians or others... I wish them Hell! And to taste and suffer the same pain they have caused to innocent people.

Syrian army had defended the city, and all the lies on the media claiming the terrorists victories are nothing but rumors and gossips.

President Bashar al-Assad had gifted Aleppo yesterday with about $15.5 million as an urgent aid to the city.

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Anonymous, please note, the World at large, that is the World that is not subservient to the hegemony aspirants spouting bullshit and lies left right and center, KNOWS very well, the truth of events in Syria.

We KNOW, it is the U.S.F.U.K. Israel and the Turkish Government who are fomenting this divisive war within your country.

We have seen authentic documentation of trumped up lies emanating from the above sources in their efforts to demonise the Government of Syria, specifically the claim of chemical weapons, which fell flat on it's face as a concocted lie, only to be again resurrected in the last two weeks, despite the U.N. and the U.S. stating publicly that all such resources had been removed from Syria. Thus again proving to the whole World, that they are liars.

It is directly because of this appalling behavior from the above groups that the respect from the rest of the World for them, has fallen to the lowest level in history.

After all, how can anyone respect or even trust anything coming from the mouths of PROVEN LIARS ? Thus it is their creditability that has fallen and countries hold them in contempt and take actions themselves accordingly.

Given the above, other than moral support, there is very little other nations can do on their own to assist Syria in their time of need. Laws are being passed nearly every day in such countries denying them the opportunity to assist anyone in similar circumstances, driving such people underground if they still wish to assist such nations (of which Syria is just one).

No one can assist anyone, if they are locked up without charge, and no one even knows they are locked up, simply disappeared without trace, and Governments do not need to explain such disappearances.

So I'm all open, to hear suggestions, on how people sympathetic to events in Syria, could assist them.